Monday, March 7, 2005

Bon Voyage!

U.S. Sends Detainees Abroad for "Interrogation"

The Bush administration's secret program to transfer scores of terror suspects to foreign countries to be imprisoned and interrogated has been carried out by the CIA
Whenever the governments' secret plans are revealed, you know you're in for a good read.

The transfers were portrayed as an alternative to what U.S. officials have said is the costly, manpower-intensive process of housing them in United States or U.S.-run facilities in other countries.
Costly? The same regime that can afford to simply lose (poof!) billions of unaccounted-for dollars in Iraq, that can sign off on every pork-barrel scheme that comes down the pike, that has screwied the taxpayers out of over a billion dollars in overcharges to their contractor cohorts, who can turn a budget surplus into an astronomical deficit and still demand more money from the taxpayers, who spend and spend and spend and spend... they say it's more cost effective to send detainees overseas instead of housing them here? Must everything be outsourced?

In recent weeks, several former detainees have described being subjected to coercive interrogation techniques and brutal treatment during months spent in detention under the program in Egypt and other countries.
Actually, the republicans call them "pranks."

In public, the Bush administration has refused to confirm that the rendition program exists, saying in response to questions about it only that the United States did not hand over people to face torture.
What would you expect from the Liar in Chief? Bush's head would explode if he were to flirt with the idea of telling the truth.

Former government officials say the CIA has flown 100 to 150 suspected terrorists to other countries since the Sept. 11 attacks, including Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Pakistan.
Fly the friendly skies!

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