Sunday, April 16, 2006

Halliburton's War

Halliburton's War
"Instead of a comprehensive solution to the Persian Gulf crisis, we got what can only be called "Halliburton's War," the three-year descent into Hell, during which time, thousands of American GIs were killed or maimed, Iraq became engulfed in an ever-growing asymmetric warfare insurgency, and a parade of private military corporations (PMCs), led by Halliburton, raked in tens of billions in U.S. taxpayers' dollars and Iraqi Oil-for-Food funds, left over from the Saddam Hussein era. Pentagon and Congressional investigations have confirmed that the PMCs, particularly Halliburton, have engaged in crass war profiteering, with the latest Pentagon audit concluding that Halliburton's Kellog Brown and Root (KBR) subsidiary has systematically over-billed U.S. taxpayers by 25% on all of their Iraq logistics and reconstruction contracts, since the beginning of the Iraq imbroglio."


windspike said...


You should check out the Confessions of an Economic Hit Man from the library. I just finished it. John Perkins talks about how the whole of the US war industry revolves around making a very small number of people extremely wealthy.

P.S. Did you get my reply via Email the other day?

Simon said...

Or, like the last 15 years worth of Noam Chomsky's work. Class warfare, the media machine, war for profit, etc.: it's all there. The thing I like about Noam is I think he helps keep me grounded, and reminds me that both parties have issues and there is the ongoing class war waged by an aristocracy, regardless. Once we get manard out of office (and we will), we still have work to do. Of course, I've become totally polarized in the last few years, as I realize the need to bring down the rampaging dinosaur that's been smoking crack, that is the Republican party gone Fuckobazoo! Damn, at least they tried to do this stuff in secret before. The blatant, and ballsy manner in which they do their evil little deeds these days, is just staggering!

SheaNC said...

Windspike: I did, and it's headed back at'cha.

Simon: I agree - the way they don't even bother to hide their evil is amazing. They practically flaunt it.