Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Do We Expect?

What do we expect after we vote? Well, I'll tell you -- or, rather, Ken Grandlund will, in another one of his eloquent essays on progressive politics. I highly recommend this post by Ken, because it really speaks for so many of us. We don't ask much, do we? Just a little honesty, integrity, and Common Sense.

By the way, Ken's post brings something to mind. The Republicans were, not too long ago, and several times, presented with a golden opportunity: to demonstrate that theirs was the superior political ideology, as they have claimed for so long; to finally prove that they could actually back up their words with deeds. As we know, they have failed miserably.

Well, if the Democrats manage to win this election (I'm not ruling out another election fraud fiasco until the dust has settled), they will be presented with the same opportunity. I believe that this is vitally important -- they have the golden opportunity to prove that they are not a party of liars, theives, perverts, and traitors, as the Republicans are. If the Democratic party cannot achieve this one, simple task -- to not be like Republicans -- then I say screw 'em. It will be time, then, for progressives to get really progressive, and migrate en masse to an alternative party.


windspike said...

Ken rocks, but is typically more verbose than most bloggers care for. But if you dare, it's worth the read.

Blog on shea, Blog on all.

SheaNC said...

And to you :)