Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Remember the Reagan-Bush White House Prostitution Ring?

If not, here's the story reproduced from the days before the "interweb":

Reagan-Bush White House Prostitution Ring, Page 1
Reagan-Bush White House Prostitution Ring, Page 2

That's about the time they coined the phrase "family values", isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Prostitution along with politics have existed since the beginning of time. People from all walks of life pay for sex and will continue to do so. In Washington DC a 16 year old is of legal age to have sex even when its of a homosexual nature. So why should I care if some of the perverts exist within the Republican party or not??? In fact, I would be willing to bet there are some pretty sleazy Dems out there as well...

SheaNC said...

"So why should I care if some of the perverts exist within the Republican party or not???"

"Anonymous", here is why you should care:

Those "slimy perverts" currently control all three branches of the American government. Their actions directly and negatively impact your life and the lives of Americans for generations to come. The list of horrible things they have done to this country is too long to include in this comment window, but it is staggering in its scope. They are treasonous criminals, bloodthirsty murderers, liars and thieves. Child molestation is only one peice of the Republican pie. They have shown nothing but contempt for the American constitution, and nothing but sneering malice for the citizens of this country. They are an insult to this nation, and if I was a christian I would swear that they were the great deceivers of armageddon, bent on nothing but wholesale destruction. They have pulled down their trousers, bent their collective asses over our country and shit on everything we valued, all the while lying and deceiving as many people they could. They have stolen your ability to vote, they have worked to overturn the constitution, and they have turned a country that was the envy of the world into a national pariah. Sure there are sleazy dems. But the Republican party is ten thousand times more corrupt than the democrats (I have a standing challenge to anyone who can prove me wrong about that. No one has.)

Why should you care? If using children as prostitutes doesn't matter to you, then there are places in the world where you can thrive with others who share that opinion. I, on the other hand, want to live in a world where it matters that national leaders have integrity, and where the citizens do care about who is given the priviledge of running this country. Because when they don't, when they simply say "why should I care?", we end up with the diabolical shit we are in right now.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The strict definition of prostitution is selling one's body for sex. It's not a giant leap, nor an unreasonable one, to include one's mind, and position. Considering that, the two sources you cited sound more like an Old Home Week reunion.:)