Sunday, October 29, 2006

Duh- Duh- Double Standards

An article in the Sac Bee states: Democrats' agenda is sketchy. That's one of the most popular criticisms to make against Democrats these days - that they "don't have a plan," etc. The sub heading of the story, for those who don't want to do the painintheass registration thing, says,
"Minimum-wage hike, lobbyist limits and oil-subsidy repeal are identified as early priorities."
Okay, what's sketchy about that? Furthermore, it's kind of ironic, not to mention typical of right-wing two-faced hypocrisy, that right-wingers howl and whine about what Democrats plan to do when they're in office, but out of the other side of their faces they accuse Democrats of not having a plan. Which is it? They can't have it both ways, can they?

Well, it turns out they can - because now, with the election so close, the Republicans are suddenly pretending to be Democrats! Schwarzenegger is passing one piece of "liberal" legislation after another. Santorun runs ads where he boasts of cooperating with Pelosi. Bush says he's ready to channel Murtha and "cut and run". And on and on. LOL! The Republicans are now wishing they were Democrats!


The Future Was Yesterday said...

While the objectives mentioned are admirable, I believe they also "pretend" other serious and grave issues don't exist, such as ending our foolish involvement in Iraq and Afganistan, the national health care nightmare, and the grandaddy of them all, the looming deficit. The CBO is warning that our huge deficit spells economic disaster for us if it is not dealt with, and now. Still, neither party is addressing that one at all. I am one of those who thinks us Democrats don't have an honest and forthright plan that addresses these issues. The aforementioned, have been "planks" of ours since I've alive. They would work fine in normal times; these are not normal times, and "normal" applications will not save us.

Granny said...

The papers are all endorsing our illustrious governor. What a short term memory. Don't they even remember the "special election" where every one of the Propostions lost (even a couple which would have been okay).

He made a lame apology, signed a couple of bills, and now all is forgiven.

Give me a break.

SheaNC said...

Future: true, the bigger issues are not addressed. I think the Dem's plan for the deficit is the same as before: balance the budget, be blamed for high taxes, lather, rinse, repeat.

Granny: I, too, am amazed at the short memories. Argh!