Monday, October 2, 2006

GOP=Gross Old Perverts

Okay, here's the deal in a nutshell: The "right", that is, conservatives, republicans, neocons, and other fascism-apologists are all over the blogoshere and the media trying to justify Foley's actions by claiming that Clinton's affair was somehow comparable. That is ridiculous, and here is why:

Clinton had consentual sex with an adult. His action was not sanctioned by the democratic party; it was in fact condemned by them (and still is).

Foley, on the other hand, is a pedophile, in fact, a serial pedophile, whose depraved perversion was officially sanctioned and protected by republican leadership. The main difference between Foley and Clinton is pedophilia vs. conenting adult behavior. That's the difference between these champions of hypocrisy who have, for years, fashioned themselves as the epitome of conservative values, and the rest of us who are lucky enough to see right through them: they protect and nurture child molesters, while we find such behavior repugnant. Their followers, aupporters, rationalizers and apologists, slavishly defend them, as if brainwashed, swearing that these are the morally superior leaders, and they all swear that the greatest evil on earth is liberalism.

Add to that, the fact that anyone who allows such behavior to go unchecked, let alone protects it by covering it up, is complicit, right? I mean, if you know someone is molesting a child and you allow it to go on, are you not part of the problem (to put it mildly)? How about of someone is molesting your child, and another person knows about it, but keeps it a secret to protect the molester? Those who call define themselves as conservatives, even as the leaders and examples of true modern conservatism, think that's okay, apparently.

I think that says a lot about us and them.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

This has long been one of my real soapboxes. "He did it first." "He did it, too." That changes nothing about the evil being done: it merely gives a history of that evil. Fifty different people can shoot fifty people over fifty years, and each and every one is still just as wrong as the first one. "He did it first" is nothing more than kindergarden justification. Supposedly, we outgrow that quickly. It's called Personal Responsibility. But it works for the right, for two reasons: One, they are a professional group of excuse makers. Two, most of America is so dimwitted they never did outgrow the kindergarden mentality. As long as somebody "did it before", it makes it somehow a litle less wrong. B.S.!!

"Democrats make good Presidents. Republicans make good excuses!"

Concerned Citizen of The Planet said...

While I do not believe that all conservatives are pro-pedophilia, I think that there were probably many who stayed silent for various reasons. The republicans are (were) riding high and speaking up would mean they would risk all the toys they have amassed. This administration has created a permissive environment that essentially states: Do whatever you want, commit any crimes you choose, we'll just make legislation that protects you in the end. This sort of thinking creates a very dangerous environment.

Foley is the worst kind of predator - one who preys on children while disguising himself as a "protector". And any and all people, regardless of their political persuation, who turned their eyes away, are just as guilty as Foley, in my opinion.

Absolute power does corrupt absolutely, and the crimes of this administration and its supporters illustrate that point all too well. This country is in a very low period in our history and couldn't be further from the ideals of the founding fathers.