Friday, September 2, 2005

When will These Truths be Accepted by the Idiot Right!?

We need to start talking seriously about getting out of Iraq
- There was no link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida.
- There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
- Thanks to a decade of sanctions and periodic bombings, Iraq posed no threat to any of its neighbors.
- Saudi Arabia, not Iraq, was the home of nearly all of the 9-11 hijackers and provided most of the men and money to fuel al-Qaida.
- You can't bring democracy to a country that is more comfortable with tribal culture and would rather have a Islamic theocracy.
- Having American troops in Iraq has created more terrorists and is al-Qaida's best recruiting tool.
- Our nation's reputation around the globe has never been lower.
- Oil prices have never been higher.
- And the human and monetary cost of this war to America - nearly 2,000 soldiers dead, 15,000 wounded and more than $250 billion squandered - has become unsustainable.

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Four Years After 9/11


Jack Mercer said...

21. There has not been a terrorist attack on American soil.


SheaNC said...

Or, more specifically, there have been several, but there hasn't been one since the last one... yet.

That won't happen until the Neocons order it to happen, to secure the next presidential election for Jeb.

Greg said...

You sound like a very bitter person and I feel sorry for you.

This focus on Iraq and fundamental islamic terrorism is complex. So much so that I don't believe the left can comprehend it.

Conservatives will continue to win elections because they're successfully positioning you and yours as political side shows. A laughable group of nabobs that can't seriously be considered for office.

SheaNC said...

The only thing you're correct about, Greg, is that I am bitter.

The focus on Iraq and fundamental islamic terrorism is not complex at all. The neocons found a way to use terrorism as a means of profit for themselves. An important point which you don't comprehend, or refuse to admit, is that Bush and the rest are every bit as bad as the terrorists they claim to villify; every bit as destructive and murderous. And, they have done such an incredible amount of damage in while in power that the repurcussions will last for decades.

That's the typical modus operandi of the Republicans. When they do get elected, they do afore mentioned damage (both politically and economically), then they get voted out and leave it to the democrats to clean up the mess and take the blame. And, the democrats bend over and let them do it.

Your last paragraph is very telling: you admit that republicans win elections by mud-slinging and character-assasination instead of offering a positive message for the voters. It's a tried-and-true method; people are more likely to vote against something than for it. Knowing that, republicans campaign on fear and hatred, effectively drowing out the opposition's message of postive, progressive ideas. You republicans want a nation based on fear and hatred.