Friday, September 16, 2005

America's Fun-est Family

Apparently, Jeb Bush's son was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest. Thank goodness! That means he is well-qualified to follow in the grand, time-honored traditions of the Bush Crime Family: Look at the shoes he's got to fill. Everything from run-of-the-mill white collar crime to full-blown treason. Hoo, boy! That's a tall legacy to follow! Why, even the other Bush kids are already accomplished criminals! He's got a lot of catching up to do! Go get 'em, Johnny!


Unadulterated Underdog said...

Truly, this arrest is the final stroke in the painting that makes us begin to think the younger Bush's are incapeable of anything but crime. After all, Jeb and George and even their little brother are all swindlers of the highest calibur. Why should their kids not be the same or worse?

Jack Mercer said...

I think its a tiny bit unfair to be judgemental this way. Just a personal opinion. Maybe I'm more liberal than you guys...


SheaNC said...

Oh well. All I did in the post was present information that already exists about some of the crimes committed by the BFEE. I've known you to write some pretty judgmental stuff in the past, too, Jack (no, I don't want to go digging for examples, but you know we've had our rows about it). In my opinion, the Bushes are asking for it. I have read, time and again, that George Bush was chosen by God to be president. He and his family are considered to be illuminated and above reproach. I am here to say otherwise.

nedhead said...

Kids will be kids! (and apparently young adults!) (and apparently older con-men!) Come on! Haven't we all been arrested before? Haven't we all done a little black market trading?

They are picked on because they are white, rich and come from powerful families. We all know how police profile that class of people!

Jack Mercer said...

I was just seeing how I sounded coming off as self-righteous. Pulled it off pretty good, huh!

Actually I think you do have a point, Shea. I think I had shared Plato's views with you about the fall of government/empires is preceded by the base in society becoming its leaders. I think we are seeing this. Our leaders truly are the most unscrupulous--that's the reason I think the United States is in decline, and the greatness of our nation is a thing of the past.

So your point is probably not that far off, Shea.


"Where are the reluctant leaders?" -Jack Mercer