Monday, September 26, 2005

'Bush couldn't have done any worse'

Bush couldn't have done any worse
If George W. Bush had sat down and deliberately planned to endanger the future security of the nation, to diminish our standing in the world, to empty the national coffers, to raise oil prices, and to imperil the lives of all Americans, both at home and abroad, for generations to come, he couldn't succeeded more completely. The simple fact is this: short of doing something completely unimaginable, like starting a nuclear war or invading Mecca, George W. Bush COULD NOT HAVE DONE ANY WORSE for the United States.
I couldn't agree more. This article lays it out beautifully.
Think about it: When Bush started his presidency, Iraq was a stable secular Sunni nation that posed no threat to the security of the United States. It even supplied America with 712,000 barrels per day of oil, which the United States purchased via third-party countries like Russia and China. And when this Iraq debacle is finally over, what will be left? At best, Iraq will be a fundamentalist Shiite theocracy that will quickly ally itself with neighboring Shiite Iran, and almost certainly become an enemy of the United States. At worst, it will become a failed state, something like Afghanistan after the Russians left, an open sore in the Middle East, where America's enemies come from all over the world to train in Al Qaeda-run terrorist training camps.

This should be obvious to anyone who has been watching the situation in Iraq. As Larry C. Johnson, a former Deputy Director of the U.S. State Department's Office of Counter Terrorism, pointed out in an article on recently, victory for the Bushies now entails suppressing the Sunni-led insurgency long enough so that the Shiite-dominated parliament can form something like a stable government. Put more simply, the United States is spending hundreds of billions of dollars, and wasting thousands of young American lives, so that it can construct another fundamentalist Islamic state in the heart of the Middle East.

Do you see what this means for the country? If Bush 'succeeds,' he will have constructed a future enemy state. If he fails, he will have constructed the world's largest terrorist training camp. Is this not a tragicomic spectacle of truly historic proportions? Can you not hear the derisive laughter howling from all corners of the world, as the enemies and critics of the United States savor the spectacle of this ignorant boy-king single-handedly reversing the fortunes of this great country?

And, as Johnson pointed out, the Bushies cannot and will not commit sufficient resources to defeat the Sunni-led insurgency. Thus, it seems that the second of the two alternatives is the inevitable outcome: Bush will have spent close to a trillion dollars to create another failed state in the Middle East ˆ a terrorist training camp for decades to come.

And, more importantly, in the process, he will have provided the rationale for generations of future terrorists to train there and to commit untold atrocities against Western targets. For you would have to be comatose to miss the truly historic implications of the pictures which surfaced from Abu Ghraib, and the stories of desecration of the Koran in Guantanamo Bay (both of which were caused directly by Bush's actions and words). George W. Bush HAS LITERALLY SIGNED THE DEATH WARRANTS OF THOUSANDS, EVEN HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF WESTERNERS OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL DECADES. He has plunged the West into a permanent state of war with Islam from which it cannot escape, however hard future politicians may try.

This truly historic blunder (although this seems like a far too mild word) might be excusable if there was some acceptable rationale for invading Iraq. But, there was none. The Bushies only ever had one goal in invading Iraq: OIL. That is, Oil, Israel and Land (as in bases). This was all clearly spelled out in The Project for the New American Century's manifesto titled 'Rebuilding America's Defenses,' published in 2000 (and signed by the chief architects of the invasion: Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Rumsfeld). Thus, the entire invasion was based on lies and deceit. This catapults the blunder to an entirely different level. It was a disastrous and COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY blunder. English lacks the proper word to describe a failure of this nature and magnitude.

If you subscribe to an apocalyptic version of Christianity, in which you believe that the end is near, and may even be hastened by bringing to pass Armageddon, then perhaps this is not such an alarming prospect. For everyone else, this is the worst possible news. For Bush has Israelized the entire West: We will now live in a world where crossing every border is a humiliating ordeal of searches and interrogation; where our public places are patrolled with men bearing machine guns; and where hundreds or thousands of us are subject to instant death at a moment's notice.

In short, if Bush had purposely set out to do as badly as possible for United States and the world, he simply could not have done any worse.

Mission accomplished indeed.


Unadulterated Underdog said...

Truly, what WILL be the outcome of the war in Iraq? At the rate progress isn't being made, it's hard to say. It would be reasonable to assume that something bad will replace Saddam. After all, the Muslim clerics who everyone is voting for over there seem to be pushing hard for a Sharia-ruled Constitution, which ofcourse will produce more American haters for generations to come and guarantee a self-perpetuating violence streak there. Ofcourse, that means that in effect nothing will change. That ALMOST brings the situation to the point where we should never have invaded. No invasion should have been made without a plan to rebuild and a study as to how difficult forcing Democracy on them would be. Bush, ofcourse, never did that because he was relying on lies for his justification. So while taking Saddam out was a good thing, the results may not be so good. That means we may very well be waisting our money and soldier's lives for nothing.

nedhead said...

You know, I don't like to see reality. I kindly ask you to stop posting such depressing news.



Why so many people still cling to the idea that Iraq was/is a noble and justified cause is astounding. It is beyond liberal vs. conservative. The ability for so many of our fellow citizens to ignore cold, hard facts is beyond belief. For that is where the power lays and is not used. We have allowed our leaders too much leeway in their actions. When was the last time the average voted studied the voting history and ethical practices of their representative? I think we have no one to blame but ourselves. Until the citizenry really wakes up and holds leadership responsible for their actions we will be stuck in this destructive cycle.


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