Monday, September 5, 2005

From 2004: Liberation and Labor Day

We are a nation dependent on services provided by immigrants, women and people of color. Yet their employers refuse to accord them the respect, the dignity and the reward they deserve.

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Scarlett said...

Most of these people are not even here in the US legally. I am all for service workers being paid livable wages but I am not going to support people who come here illegally as though the laws of the USA mean nothing and our soverign borders can be overrun by anybody who chooses to break the law.

These people are the very ones who drive down wages of workers in the service industry and every place else.

Wages are directly connected to the labor pool. Immigrants who are here illegally deepen and broaden that pool and allow businesses to force people to work at slave wages and they bring third world vaules to our country and experts say if we don't do something about them our country will become overcrowded and unlivable just like the countries they came here from.

I am pro union. I am pro worker. I am for livable wages. But I do not support illegals coming here and making demands on our elected officals or on the American people as tho we somehow owe them.