Monday, August 8, 2005

What Goes Around, Comes Around

A quote in a recent newspaper article caught my eye:
"You don't know the good guys from the bad guys, just like we couldn't in Vietnam... To me, (the insurgents) are cowards, because they can tell us, but we can't tell them."
Very interesting on several levels:

Who do these camoflauged insurgents remind us of? Let me give you a hint: Once upon a time, a ruler named King George sent his soldiers to enforce his will upon the rebellious inhabitants of another land. King George's soldiers wore easily distinguished uniforms, while the indiginous rebels blended into the scenery, fighting as guerillas, demoralizing King George's army and inflicting damage by their use of tactics that were considered brutal, unethical, and unsuited for civilized warfare.

I'm sure that many of King George's soldiers said the same thing as the American soldier in the quote above:
"[They] are cowards, because they can tell us, but we can't tell them."
King George... of England.

The rebels were Americans. What goes around comes around.


Mike V. said...

check this out:

nice blog, btw, I linked it off mine.

Sar said...

Wow, that was such an ignorant quote - on so many levels.

windspike said... is a matter of which side you are on as to who are the rebels and which are the terrorists, doesn't it.

SheaNC said...

Mike V., thanks for that great link! On one hand, it is terribly sad to know that reality... on the other hand, it is encouraging to know that that information is getting out there so people do know what is going on.

Mike V. said...

no problem.
the chimp is a great place to check daily for articles.

Turk Fowler said...

sheanc and mike v, I can appreciate why the democrats keep losing elections. It's just that nobody really understands what you know. How can they be so stupid...hold on, the Dukes of Hazard just came back on...

SheaNC said...

Hmm. Well, turk fowler, I'm actually not a democrat; I am an independent. So, I don't quite see how your comment applies, but enjoy the show...?

turk fowler said...

I stand corrected. I don't why people who are independents don't win elections either...wait a minute, you don't're too independent for that.
p.s. what is "hmmm" supposed to mean. I take offence at you "hmmmm"ing me. TY

SheaNC said...

Well, "hmm" is an old-fashioned way of saying, "what the fuck?"

And, I do vote, although Diebold and a few others make sure that it doesn't count anyway.