Saturday, August 13, 2005

From the "That's Old News" Files:

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While Bush Takes His 49th Vacation Trip To Crawford
Precious Leader has so far spent 319 days 'on vacation' in Crawford.
How many vacation days did you get last year?
Jimmy Carter - 79 days
Bill Cinton - 152 days
Bush? 319 days!?
Bush makes $400,000 a year, or $1,123.60 a DAY. So far, we have paid him $347,192.40 to clear brush at his fake ranch.
Not worth it, I say.

You know, Bush always says that everything he does is hard work. He whines about having to do anything, like a spoiled punk who never had to do any real work... "It's too hard! You don't know! Feel sorry for me!" Right-wing bloggers accuse liberals of being lazy, while their leader whimpers and blubbers about "hard work" as a nexcuse for every failing, and spends more time on vacation than any president in history.

What a punk.


Grandpa Eddie said...

I wish I could get paid in one month what he makes in just one day.

Just getting one week of vacation would be nice, too.

He has no concept of what hard work is.

Jack Mercer said...


Become president!

Wasn't there an article in Time that kind of refuted this sentiment--that the president did not really vacation, continued to work as president, but just went there as a retreat? I think that Time was saying that the accusations leveled at the president were inaccurate. Something I read while sitting in the doctor's office...


Unadulterated Underdog said...

I have to agree that 319 IS a lot but on the other hand, Bush does a lot of his scheming and plotting from his ranch. To tell you the truth though, I would too if I was the President. The Prez is never off duty, whether a good Prez or bad. There are always intelligence briefings, news briefings, and all the other crap that he has to be involved with. I wouldn't want the job for anything.

SheaNC said...

True, they're always on call. But with Bush, I tend to think he's really "out to lunch" when he hangs his sign in the door that reads "be back in 30 days".