Tuesday, August 16, 2005

PMDs: Policies of Mass Destruction

I better copyright this now. I have invented a new term for the Bush administration's policies:

PMD's: Policies of Mass Destruction!

Thank you.


windspike said...

Most excellent. I'll reference you when I use the PDM phrase.

Blog on brother shea

Jack Mercer said...

Seriously, Shea! You need to, it will be all over the blogosphere and you need to get the credit.


steve schopp said...

I coined the better version

Programs of Mass Dysfunction

Of course I was talking abnout the lefty nonsense out here in Oregon

SheaNC said...

Sorry, Steve, but I am not in competition, so you can believe yours is better if that makes you happy. Mine stands on its own merit.

By the way, the "lefty" is just plain silly anymore.