Saturday, June 4, 2005


Ben Franklin said death and taxes were inevitable. Tax day is April 15th. Would you like to know when the other thing is going to happen? Ask The Death Clock.

UPDATE: MSN News did a story about this, too... hmm! That's interesting, because it is an oldish site. Does that mean they're reading Constantly Amazed...?


windspike said...

Have you been over to the Cranky Liberal as of late. There is a nice "discussion" going on with some blogger claims to be NewsGnome - I found him on the blogroll for AtRandom. I think they may be clones, or the same dude/dudette.

Take a look at the comments with the bigger numbers for the fun.

I've been trying to ferret the guy out, but no luck, s/he is not answering my questions as s/he feels I am self-righteous.

oh, to be so bad and naughty.

have a good day...oh, and thanks for th reminder of my mortality. Of course, I could get hit by a city bus at any moment as they regularly plow through red lights in this town.

SheaNC said...

Thanks, I'll check that out. My computer issues are finally resolved, so I'll be back in the swing, too. And man, people run red light so often in my town, that it has become a normal practice for people to not proceed through an intersection on a green light because of the danger! And, to top it off, this is a major issue with me, because a red-light runner smashed into my wife and I in 2000 and it destroyed the lives we had. She's now permanently disabled, we went through bankruptcy... and since the guy was not insured, we could not even sue for damages. Life can suck sometimes.

windspike said...


Sounds like you and I live in the same town. I am sorry to hear about your spouse. When I am walking our boys, I wait a few seconds to be sure that people who have the red light actually stop before entering the crosswalk where we actually have the right of would be amazed at the number of people who get upset at you if you start walking in front of their car - and you have the green light, even

Sar said...

I was unable to open the link, so maybe someone's trying to tell me something? How ominious....

Wow, I did not know you and Mrs. Shea went through such an awful ordeal. That does suck, to say the very least. Hopefully her art helps with her happiness.

SheaNC said...

Thanks. We're great survivors! And yes, she is really finding her calling in her art. She is able to focus a lot of creativity on the complex imagery of her genre. It combines a lot of elements, so the sky is the limit.

And hey, Windspike, the newsgnome thing is a crack-up. I can't believe that guy represents 51% of the electorate! Augh!