Saturday, June 11, 2005


This weekend I would like to offer a plan to enact social change. As has been mentioned in this blog, it does no good to sit around and talk about what should be done - every once in a while we need to actually do something. But how to proceed with these plans?

Well, from my years of experience in state and county government employment, I have borrowed a tried-and-true method of addressing serious issues in a timely manner: I have created an acronym. Nothing can begin unless whatever we're discussing has an acronym.

The concept is this: Collective Responsibility And Participation; or, CRAP.

If we can implement more CRAP in our lives, the results can be amazing. I have already seen what CRAP can do in the workplace. In my professional life I have seen small groups CRAP'ing together, as well as the entire organization working towards a goal by by implementing CRAP on a grand scale. This concept can be implemented in our everyday lives, as well.

Want to end the war? CRAP. Raise the minimum wage? CRAP. Preserve our environment? CRAP. Hold corrupt officials accountable for their misdead? CRAP... and lots of it.

Even in our blog, we are successfully using CRAP to spread the word to the masses. "Workers of the world... CRAP!"

Sure, we often need to use discretion in our CRAP'ing. After all, in some places they shoot CRAPs. We don't want that.

And so, I hereby pledge to do my share by contributing as much CRAP as I can, wherever I can, as often as I can, until the whole world is made a better place by being covered in CRAP.

I am SheaNC, and I have approved this message.

Note: not to be confused with People In Service to Society.

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