Saturday, June 11, 2005

Focus, Damn It!

Here's a bit of criticism of Howard Dean: Democrats Criticize Dean.
Now, here's a fine rebuttal from Truthout: We Love Howard Dean.
My opinion? Sure, some of Dean's statements are a huge liability to the Democrats, and could very well cost them, in the long run. After all, Democrats are held accountable for what they say, while Republicans are not. But Truthout is right - the Democrats should try devoting a little attention to the fact that the current administration should be impeached, tried, convicted, incarcerated, and treated according to their own rules of imprisonment. Fair is fair.


romablog said...

I don't think he'll hurt the party. The more democrats flex nuts, the better.

The only way that Dean's comments hurt the party is because of the spin the right wing puts on them and the subsequent theories that Dean is going to shoo people away. The real problem is that people hear more about how 'bad' the comments are for the party than they hear the actual comments.

windspike said...

If it's true, it hurts - even if it sounds extreme. Just think of the movie Bulworth. Don't you wish at one point that some politicians would say it like it is for a change? Malcolm X would say the extreme is necessary to make the middle more palitable.

SheaNC said...

Yes, and you know, it's really aggravating that the right-wing has spewed hate-speech for years, but all of a sudden they're sensitive and proper when someone from the left makes strong statements.