Sunday, January 7, 2007

Totally Dumbass Typical Republican Quote of the New Year:

Quotes of note - The Boston Globe:
"'What we really expect out of the Democrats is for them to treat us as they would liked to have been treated.'
Representative JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH), the new House minority leader "
Oh, please. The republicans went to extraordinary lengths to lock the democrats out of the governmental process. And now they're whining like babies!?

The next repuke blogger who attaches the famous "crying baby" picture to any other political party but their own might as well have "hypocrite" stamped on their forehead.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

We kinda knew this would happen, didn't we?:) Anything or anybody that disagrees with these shitballs "is picking on them." FWIW, that's a trademark of Evangelicalism. They go through life being "professional victims." Everybody's picking on them, the world's against them...sob sob sob....

azgoddess said...

crack me up -- too good!

Flynn said...

Repuke bloggers were crying about the way perv Foley was treated by dem bloggers. They're "tough on crime" talk is BS when it comes to their own.

msliberty said...

I couldn't have said it better myself!

windspike said...

Holy goodness...turnabout is fair play, no?

Laurie said...

Doesn't everybody here just want to pronounce it "boe-ner"? It would be so much more fitting.

Old Broad (going back to Hill soon) said...

Hypocrite? I was thinking more like 666. Dubya.The.Vile.Prick and his minions. If I believed in it, they SO need to go to hell.
(The former Hill here).

Old Broad (going back to Hill soon) said...

Hypocrite? I was thinking more like 666. Dubya.The.Vile.Prick and his minions. If I believed in it, they SO need to go to hell.
(The former Hill here).

Sornie said...

The bastard in me says "what goes around comes around" but I think that the Demas are bigger than that and will attempt to build bridges and other political jargon that, at its core, means nothing.

windspike said...

When you make up the stamp, send me one, I've got a few foreheads that need one in mind.

SheaNC said...

The Future Was Yesterday: Gee, I thought they were the strong, reolute ones..!

azgoddess: Me too!

Flynn: Yes, without hypocrisy, they'd be lost!

msliberty: Thanks!

windspike: It is indeed. Poetic justice!

Laurie: The childhood trauma he suffered with that name surely made him what he is today.

Old Broad: Glad to see you again :)

Brian: The bastard in you is right :)

Anonymous said...

Aside from relatively minor social differences the democrats will do NOTHING to change the status quo.
They , like the repug scumbags before them, answer to the Israel Lobby and corporate lobbyists from the American military industrial complex.

Pelosi - Another Israel First Zionist Gatekeeper?

You do not need to wrest control of the nation from Republicans you need to take it back from the Zionists.

rick said...

Anonymous; You are terminally stupid.

SheaNC said...

Anonymous: I think the democrats are the much-much-lesser-of-two-evils party, so I'm still hoping that new developments in people's participation in government (like the effect bloggers have had) might lift both parties up towards the ideal of representing you and I instead of corporate (or any other) interests.

Rick: Anonymous addresses one thing that is true: America does seem to be Israel's foreign legion, willing to engage in all-out nuclear war to defend that country over our own interests.

Rick said...

Anti Israeli sentiment is driven by deeply entrenched anti Semitism. It is pervasive and I am incapable of understanding why. It is, at very least, as deep as racial hatred. They certainly do not need ours or anyone else's foreign legion.

rick said...

So, How have you been Shea? It's been awhile. By the way, You have superb taste in music, as it happens to match my own.

SheaNC said...

Hello, Rick. Thanks about the music 8^) On the Israel issue, the anti-semitism issue is a big one with me because it has made it almost impossible to criticise Isaeli policies without carrying the baggage of being anti-semitic. It goes so far that I am reluctant to criticise Israel because I don't want to appear anti-semitic (which I am not). I try to draw a distinction between Judaism as a religion and Israeli politics. They are obviously connected to a degree, but there are also Jews who oppose Israeli political actions. I believe that criticism of Israel is not anti-semitic. It can be, but in itself it is not. Israel should not be exempt from criticism or condemnation. They are as capable as anyone of doing bad things, and should be called on it without fear of the "anti-semitism" label being applied in each case.

Also, anti-zionism is not necessarily anti-semitic. Google "jews against zionism" for some interesting information.

rick said...

Shea, I think you'll enjoy reading this, unless you already have. This stuff is absolutely fascinating. And I did Google Jews against Zionism. Thanks. Just as an aside, and you likely already know, as your position seems well thought through; Palestine comes down from Philistinia which the Romans called Judea as an insult to Jews as the Philistines were considered to be Israel's greatest enemy. For almost 2,000 years Jews were called Palestinians as an insult. If you delve into history books written before 1850 or so, you will find, likewise, Arabs calling Jews Palestinians. Beginning in the late 1800s Zionist money started to come into the area from Europe, then by the mid 1920s it really started pouring in as British mandate Palestine had been established. This wealth created economic opportunity and Arabs began pouring in from all over greater Arabia and began to refer to themselves as Palestinians. It is most peculiar. Sorry for being so long winded. It's your site.

What's that yer drinkin?

SheaNC said...

Rick, I will check that out, as I haven't done much research on the subject.

Drinkin': the cheap stuff (I judge wine by looking for the snazziest-looking label I can find on a bottle under six bucks).

Nice not to be at each others' throats this round 8^)

rick said...

Yes it is pleasant. I'm sure you and I would share many common interests and might enjoy each others company. I have an enormous love of wine and read about it any chance I get. There are many wonderful folks on your side as well as over here. It is only that I always entered the fray having been referred to as a "repuke" and my first instinct is to counterpunch hard. And I have to confess, I do like counterpunching. I will be more civil in the future.

The middle east is a cauldron and I read everything about it's history that I can lay my hands on. You are absolutely correct, Israel is not above criticism. They are perfectly capable of going nuts.The Israeli (and Jew) doctrine is to deliver a blow ten times greater than the blow dealt to them. (There is much history to this doctrine). It is intended to deter aggression. That was why the reaction in Lebanon this past summer. Disproportionate response. It is intended to force Lebanon to not allow Hezbollah to do that again.
Then I see on one side parents raising their children to wear dynamite into Starbucks and bar mitzvahs for the sole purpose of killing old and young and I cannot help but take sides. Then naming streets for their valor. I abhor terrorism so.

SheaNC said...

On wine, I'm not too sophisticated, but I like the stuff. At least I do own a corkscrew, which means I'm a step above the screw-off caps.

On the middle east, when I was growing up I assumed they were hopelessly messed up and would eventually just blow each other up. "Peace talks" come and go, and nothing seems to change much. Hopefully it won't result in a worst-case scenario. I wish both sides would just recognize that peaceful coexistence is to everyone's advantage.

rick said...

Sadly enough, throughout history, the greatest and longest lasting peace is achieved when one side utterly devastates the other and the losing side completely capitulates and concludes that war is no longer worth it

Interesting, the Romans were so fond of wine that their empire never extended beyond the cultivation of grapes as they considered land without grapes to be worthless.

It is nice chatting with you this evening.

Anonymous said...

Rick are you working directly from your Hasbara manual or ineptly winging it?

(Google “Hasbara manual” and learn more about the duping of America and the agents who perpetuate it.)

Criticizing Israel and its powerful American lobby is not indicative of anti-Jewish sentiment it is a reality based accounting of what‘s going on.
Americans rarely receive anything relevant from their media - just more of the stilted propaganda about Israel (the only nuclear armed power in the Middle East) being a perpetual victim.
Hell the Israeli media is more honest about Israel’s occupations and war crimes.

Your ad hominem rebuke of my intelligence betrays your intellectual belligerence and repugnant disregard for debate and free speech.
Your follow-up from the highly malleable and unaccountable “Wikipedia” heads off into lala land apologetics for Israel’s continual war crimes and false flag terrorism throughout the world.
What a lame straw man distraction.
Then Rick floats the sad canard of the Israeli policy of pre-emptive total destruction of all enemies as a preventative measure - total war is total peace.
What a crock of shit - yet Americans are too cowed to argue against this offensive illogic.

SheaNC alludes to the fear Americans have been conditioned with where the criticism of Israel’s foreign policy and apartheid state are concerned.
They just don’t discuss the reality of the situation for fear of being branded by the scarlet letter of the contrary weasel term “Anti-Semite” by the legions of attack dog propagandists like Rick.

Then Rick heads straight to the raw emotional appeal of the “suicide bomber” imagery.
Yes suicide bombs are far worse than tonnes of cluster bombs and experimental chemical weapons Israel deploys against their neighbours in the region.
Give me a friggin’ break. If anything suicide bombers are a reaction to slow, grinding genocide being perpetuated in Palestine.

Notice how Rick did not discuss the subject of America’s Israel lobby and the grip Zionists have over your government. He just blasted madly off in all directions avoiding that topic entirely.
But isn’t that the point. Go for the cheesy emotional play, sprinkle it with lame revisionist history intimidate Americans into shutting up out of fear of being called racist and never really discussing the real causes of some of the world’s most inhuman conflagrations.

I’ve got nothing against any religion. They are all control mechanisms for the dumb masses.

Zionism is are far greater threat to America’s well being than the Muslim boogeymen currently being held up as the great menace that “hates you for your freedoms”.

Islamists do not control American foreign policy Neocon /Zionists do.

Rick said...

You are a complete and utter fool and you are dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the power to dismiss me from someone else’s website!
What expected arrogance. Great rebuttal.
Consult your manual Rick, I could give you the page number for each argument if intimidating persistently cudgelled Americans has made you lazy.

People are waking up to the reality that you and your fellow propagandists so tactlessly dance around.
Israel can't get away with mass murder forever and Americans will eventually arrive at the truth and root out the corrupt leaders who offer their Nation's soul (and billions of tax dollars, endless soldiers and billions more in weapons, yearly) for israel's Earthly gains.

Keep on spouting your crap by all means, you've been given enough rope to hang yourself.
You are the fool if you think the truth will never come to the fore.

SheaNC said...

Gosh, it's usually me sluggin' it out with Rick. Now I'm in the audience. I can relax and kick my feet up 8^)

rick said...

My pleasure Shea