Sunday, January 21, 2007

Petro-Vampirism Rises from the Ashes

Here we go, truthseekers: another reference to the real reason we're in Iraq, and will remain there forever: New Oil Law Means Victory in Iraq for Bush
...the law will give Exxon Mobil, BP, Shell and other carbon cronies of the White House unprecedented sweetheart deals, allowing them to pump gargantuan profits from Iraq's nominally state-owned oilfields for decades to come.
It's almost like comfort food, isn't it? Like having a discussion about the war from back in 2004.
This law has been in the works since the very beginning of the invasion - indeed, since months before the invasion, when the Bush administration brought in Phillip Carroll, former CEO of both Shell and Fluor, the politically-wired oil servicing firm, to devise 'contingency plans' for divvying up Iraq's oil after the attack. Once the deed was done, Carroll was made head of the American 'advisory committee' overseeing the oil industry of the conquered land...
This, of course, is why Bush, Cheney, Rice, etc., are all unswervingly dedicated to conquering Iraq. We've been saying it for years now. It's all a just a racket.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

They can pass the law....but can they keep the pipelines from being blown up every week? That's what the surge is really for, imo.

azgoddess said...

yea happen to agree - they can pass all the laws they want but can they enforce them? doubt it!

windspike said...

Have you seen the latest Chevron adverts proclaiming their maganamous and sustainable ways?