Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rambling Thoughts…

  1. Here's one that you don't hear everyday: I don't think we should have states. I think we should just be one big country. I mean, we live under three governments already: local, county, and federal. Why not just live under one government instead? PS: I already know why it was set up that way, I'm just sayin' it was not the best choice.

  2. I think health care and education should be freely available to everybody. What is the point of humans forming societies, anyway? It's because a group of people can each contribute to the group in different ways that benefit the group as a whole. And certain things are fundamental to the survival and progress of the group. These are the very basic necessities of life: Shelter, clean water, basic nutrition, basic healthcare, and yes, education. I think a society that provides these basic necessities to its members eliminates a lot of problems before they start.

    Now, I already know the conservative response: "There's no such thing as free healthcare or education, someone has to pay for it." Really? When we dial 911, does the operater ask us for a credit card number? When you need a cop or a fireman, do they require you to show them your protection plan ID card? No, that sounds absurd. Instead, we take it for granted that we will share the cost of such services and all benefit from them. Wouldn't our society be great if we could count on getting treated for pneumonia as surely as we can count on the other "free" services we all enjoy in the industrialized world?

  3. I don't support giving billions or trillions of $ to crooked brokers/bank owners/etc. I was a Kucinich supporter, and he said that the bailout(s), the first of which came in Fall 2008, was obscene. At a gut level, I agree. I am no economist, but if those bailed-out businesses didn't get that money, and went bankrupt, what would happen? How bad could it be? Maybe some of them should have just gone under. In a free market economy, that's what would happen, anyway. Bonus Rant: Any wingnuts who claim the bailout has anything to do with liberalism has forgotten that the bankers, wall street brokers, CEOs, etc., are hardcore rightwing conservative Republicans all; still surviving off the corporate welfare blessings of their St. Ronnie.

  4. Speaking of saints, what the hell is it with the wingnuts' insistence on referring to Obama as the Messiah? Liberals never say it. I think they say it to enrage the religious right, to give them the impression Obama supporters are worshipping false idols. The religious right have always been the Repukes' patsies, anyway.

  5. I have heard a lot of rightwing talking heads use the words "socialist" and "socialism" lately. Personally, I doubt if most of them know what socialism even is. Or liberalism, or even conservatism, for that matter.

  6. If I read one more time that "Liberals hate Rush because he is right", my head will explode. I want to reply: "Is that why you hate Jon Stewart? Because he is right?" (forgive me for comparing the two).


betmo said...

forgiven- for now :) only because the rest of your ramblings were right on.

Anonymous said...

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Grandpa Eddie said...

You've asked some very good questions Shea.
I especially like the point about health care and education. I think we both know that the Rethugs feel that the only way anyone should have either is if they can afford it. They feel it's not their responsibility to teach our kids, that's our problem. That way, too, they pretty much guarantee that the only kids that get educated are the children of the wealthy.

For the party that is supposed to be so concerned about "family values" they prove themselves to be the exact opposite.

Nancy said...

Definition of "family values" to conservatives: The authoritarian head of the family makes all decisions. What HE says is law. And his law is whatever republicans and preachers tell him it is. Period.

nunya said...

Trying to argue what is logical with RepugnanThuglicans is like banging your head against the wall. It hurts and doesn't accomplish anything.

Anonymous said...

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