Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10 Repubican Lies for Tax Day

10 Repubican Lies for Tax Day
1. President Obama will raise taxes on small businesses.
2. The estate tax devastates small businesses and family farms.
3. 40% of Americans pay no taxes.
4. Tax cuts always increase revenue.
5. The GOP is the party of fiscal discipline.
6. Ronald Reagan was the greatest tax cutter of all time.
7. FDR caused the Great Depression, or at least made it worse.
8. Obama's cap-and-trade plan will cost each American family $3,100 a year.
9. Obama's tax proposals will undermine charitable giving.
10. The rich pay too much in taxes already.
All lies. Click on the link for more about each one.


Grandpa Eddie said...

I think if we out our heads together we could come up with about 20 more.

Did you have any of the "teabaggers" out there by you?

SheaNC said...

Yup, they're around here... at least I can say they provide comic relief!

Grandpa Eddie said... least they're good for something.

A World Quite Mad said...

You know, if one is going to fight their opponents, the truth typically works better than lies... unless one is a Republican!

I can add one, I got in my inbox from a well-meaning relative.

"Obama and Nancy Pelosi are going to tax our retirement savings so that illegal aliens can live better." LOL Yeah...

Anyhoo, we had a bunch of teabaggers here. Crazy gits. I'm just sorry I didn't realize that there was actually something going on here, because I would have totally gone down there to film the idiots.