Saturday, April 25, 2009

Interesting stuff from the Interwebs

The following was a comment to an article on MSN: "...studies show 1/3 of death row is innocent, 90 percent of criminal cases are plea bargained and 96 percent of police officers admit to perjury. They actually have a name for it TESTILIE..."

96 percent of police officers admit to perjury!? Yikes! I haven't researched that claim, but if it's true, that's a pretty sad statement about the "first responder" heroes everyone praised in 2001. If it is true, I think the producers of Law and Order should take note!


Grandpa Eddie said...

All cops lie, and they lie all the time!

And these are the people we are told as children to trust with our lives.

I heard on the TV this morning that there's a cop, here in Wisconsin, who just got busted for sexually assaulting several kids since 1997.

Fuck them! I don't trust any of them.

SheaNC said...

Grandpa Eddie: Yeah, I used to have a better attitude about cops until I lived in Phoenix. You've already heard me complain about those guys! I guess it's an example of the old "power corrupts..." adage. I still try to give 'em the benefit of the doubt, but it's hard when "good" cops are the exception to the rule.

Grandpa Eddie said...

You're right, good cops have become the exception to the rule....and that is really sad. I remember a time when we could trust most of them and the bad ones were a minority. Of course, that's when I was very young and dumb.

Mike of the North said...

Hey, I'll take a Phoenix cop any day compared to the cops is Albuquerque. One case I remember was a kid that three of them unloaded on because he was threatening to kill HIMSELF with a pen knife!

Chris M. said...

Did you ever check the accuracy of your wild accusation? Might it have been o.97%? Or, "drawn from a statically meaningless sample?"

SheaNC said...

Chris M: If you read what I wrote, you will see that I did not make any "wild accusation". I presented a quote (someone else's "wild accusation"). I commented on the quote by stating "if it is true", and only "if", and I pointed out that I had not researched it.

Have you?