Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

VAIW: Veterans Against the Iraq War
IVAW: Irag Veterans Against the War
VVAW: Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Who Served (A Chickenhawk Database)

War Is A Racket


nunya said...

Nice post Shea :)

SheaNC said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You voted in a politician, man. He promised you everything, just like Reid and Pelosi--but nothing will really change for the egg-sucking liberal, with the exception of its media. While Obama keeps troops in Iraq, your media will be telling you why its justified. While the tax cuts for the middle class fail to materialize you will have the media telling you that most of us don't mind waiting.

Only a fool places their faith in trust in a politician, and now its the left's turn to look ridiculous.

SheaNC said...

Anonymous Who is Afraid to Reveal Himself said, "now its the left's turn to look ridiculous."

Since you admit that the right has been looking ridiculous up to this point, why stop now? You have looked ridiculous for all this time, and you will continue to look ridiculous no matter who is elected. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I remain annonymous on extremist sites because they are the only ones that seem to issue threats and get all irrational. You have no idea my political affiliations and look, already you made it personal!

SheaNC said...

Anonymous: First of all, your definition of my site as extremist is subjective. Second, don't insult my intelligence by pretending to be moderate. You proclaimed your own rightwing extremism on another post by citing hateful ultra-extremists as examples of rational discourse.

Do I "make it personal" by pointing out the folly of your statement ("now its the left's turn to look ridiculous")? That's saying it has been the right's turn, and now it's the left's. It's pretty obvious where you stand considering your other posts.

Why not just admit that you are Jack Mercer and get it over with?

Anonymous said...

I am not a moderate by any means, and I hardly subscribe to the lunacy of either the right or the left. It gives me great joy to poke fun at all the politically religious in this nation. I just see the same religious devotion to Obama that was given to Bush, and I will completey enjoy watching the left see their hopes dashed by their blind faith. But don't worry, you guys have the main stream media on your side (even they admit that!) and so even when you are being fucked they will be telling you how much you like it.

Who is Jack Mercer? I googled him--voice actor for Popeye?

Mike of the North said...
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Mike of the North said...

Speaking of popeye I could sure use some chickin'...throw in some of that fried okra too.

Hey, nony nony nincompoop, you've been really sheltered if you think this is an extremist site. I've never heard of anyone receiving a death threat on this site.

Try stormfront.org if you wannna know extremist.