Monday, November 3, 2008

Constantly Amazing Random Eavesdropping Today

So it went like this:

My wife and I were having lunch at a restaurant this afternoon. It's a place with a New Orlean's theme, more pricey than our usual choices, but we felt like indulging ourselves. Seated nearby were two "elderly" ladies - not that elderly, but one in maybe her 60's and the other one older.

We heard them talking about the election and immediately turned our ears their way.

They started out sounding like a pair of rightwing conservatives, or at least rightwing voters. One of them talked about getting her news from FOX and O'Reilly. Stuff like that. But, as we listened, they began to discuss Obama... and they both began to explain why they were choosing to reject their party to vote for Obama. They both said they voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004. And, they both said they thought the country has been "getting worse and worse" for the past several years. They even discussed their belief in anti-Obama propaganda, such as Obama "not saluting the flag because he refuses to stand for America," and similar Fox "news". But in spite of all the garbage they had consumed via rightwing news outlets, they still said it was better to give an unknown, potentially dangerous upstart a chance than to continue down the disastrous path of the republicans.

We were thrilled and surprised. A pair of longtime republican voters, overheard through a totally random coindidence, explaining over lunch why they were rejecting the repukes and their doomed policies, changing from republican voters to democratic ones. That's change I can believe in.


Tamara C said...

Dude, that was seriously THE BEST eavesdropping we have ever had the chance to listen to! :) I have to add that they also talked about Bush being the worst president ever and said that he had ruined this country and the economy. And that maybe Obama - or rather "they prayed that Obama" - would make the changes that we so desperately need.

It really does give me hope that things can change and that people are not quite as oblivious as I thought!

Love, Your Wifey and Fellow Lunch Time Eavesdropper Extrodinaire

Mike of the North said...

I write this as John is giving his concession speech... It's good, very graceful. But I'm still overjoyed that he is for the count.

Now it's time to drive the stake through the heart of the vampiress...SARAGHHHH!!!!!

Mike of the North said...

... I meant "down for the count."

nunya said...

Good ears, you two :)

SheaNC said...

tamara: Gee, your blog "Magic Molecules" is quite a wonderful place to visit *shameless plug*

mike: It should be about the end of the road for McCain (did you know he was a POW?). Hey, I hear you guys are electing a convicted felon. Now that's affirmative action!

nunya: Yes, we had five ears between us, if you include the corn :)

Mike V. said...

I think this happened a LOT around the nation on Tues.
Also, there ultimately was the "Palin effect" whereby relatively intelligent people cannot vote for a fucking dumbshit.. :)