Wednesday, June 27, 2007


...with the task of offering 8 interesting, random facts about moi:

1. Politically, I'm a Pluralist: I pick and choose what I think are the best ideas from whatever political ideology I want; left, right, up, down, whatever.

2. I am a great bass player. No, I am more than a bass player... I'm a Bassist.

3. My favorite art style right now is Googie (like this or this or...)

4. However, my favorite artist at the moment is not googie at all, but is instead the dark and demented, late, great Edward Gorey (try this or this or...)

5. I used to be a typesetter, and I loved it.

6. I have always cultivated madness in the belief that it is good for my art. It has been said that manic-depression is good for one's art. I am hoping paranoia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and mild autism are helpful, too.

7. An embarrassing truth: I think young-people's books, especially those produced over the last few years, are the coolest. I'll take Lemony Snicket over Stephen King any day.

8. I am still convinced that the greatest television show of all time is Northern Exposure. No matter how messed up our civiliation becomes, at least we had that.

Now... am I supposed to tag eight other people? Do I even know eight people? Okay, um...




azgoddess said...

can't wait!

Laurie said...

"I'll take Lemony Snicket over Stephen King any day."

I love me some Harry Potter, even though Rowling shamelessly bites off of Tolkien, the more superior writer of the two.

nunya said...

don't - you - dare, I got tagged yesterday and I'm stuck on two out of eight.

I'm stuck, I tell ya, I'm just not that interesting!!!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

7. An embarrassing truth: I think young-people's books, especially those produced over the last few years, are the coolest.

I don't feel nearly as bad about my Sesame Street addiction, now! Thanks!:)

Granny said...

Let's hear it for Northern Exposure.

For what it's worth, I seldom tag people; just invite whoever wants to join in to do so.

SheaNC said...

Azgoddess: Here 'tis!

Laurie: Harry will live on...!

Nunya: Okay, I promise :)

Future: A quick Sesame Street story: two rattlesnakes on the moon, chased by a giant rabbit, teaching the difference between "here" and "there". One says to the other, "Let's scratch gravel and mosey!" I still use that phrase.

Granny: I am spoiled by NE... nothing else comes close!

Mike of the North said...

Googie...I didn't even know that there was a name for that stuff. I wonder if my red airline guitar could qualify as an example of it? Phoenix was full of some great examples of it back in the good old days.

Nothern Exposure rocked especially for the sound track, sadly missing from the dvd reissues. My favorite is still Green Acres. Do you remember the commercial for it on nick at night? "...remember it's not silly it's surreal."

SheaNC said...

Mike: I seem to remember a certain turquoise I-Love-Lucy-style couch... and about that red Airline guitar: yes it would and have you seen THESE!? OMG! OMG! OMG!

Also, I love Green Acres, too (I try to tell people, but no one understands). County Agent Hank Kimball is my spiritual guru!!

Mike of the North said...

LOve the guitars! I fell in love with National Maps back when I saw David Lindley play one on stage with Jackson Brown, Jeeze that would've had to have been close to a hundred years ago.

My spiritual guru is Mr. Haney.