Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Music Appreciation Day is Back at Constantly Amazed!

For the longest time, Blogger wouldn't let me post You Tube videos. Now I can again, finally... so, for now at least, they are forgiven.


Mike V. said...


BTW, Last month I bought the modern version of that Gibson SG that Pete is playing in that video.
The SG Classic (discontinued for now).
Totally kicks, I love it.
The Classic has a normal tail piece and bridge, not that impossible to to intone wrap around.


SheaNC said...

Mike: Whoa, that's great. There's something about a shiny stop tailpiece on a nice slab of mahogany that makes me want to cry..!

By the way, here is what I am playing these days: Rogue lx-406. It may be a cheapie, but I love it... plays & sounds great.