Monday, December 4, 2006

Up Hill(ary) Climb

Clinton dogged by ‘electability’ questions, says the headline of this article, "N.Y. senator is Democratic frontrunner, but national appeal unclear".

Well, I personally do not like Hillary as a candidate. For one thing, she was in favor of the war against Iraq, which is reason enough to give me pause. But in political terms, consider the landscape: Republicans have proven time and again that they place greater value on character assasination of their political enemies than on the welfare of the country. A Hillary presidency would be like the Whitewater witch-hunt years ten times over, every day. The repukes would devote all their time and resources (including millions or billions of taxpayer dollars) to attacking her instead of doing the jobs they were elected to do. The right wing media would go after her full bore, too. If the repukes regained control of congress, they would invent a reason to impeach her. Her whole term(s) would be one long adversarial mudfest. I'd rather see a president who can operate as free from conservative hate-mongering as possible. Although, who knows: they might go after any non-republican (or even moderate republicans) with the same energy as they would devote to Hillary Clinton.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I tend to agree with your thoughts at large. She would give the GOP it's first ever 100% turnout. "Clinton" is just another way to spell the Devil in their eyes. Plus, as you mentioned, her votes. I didn't appreciate those, either.

Mike of the North said...

The Iraq war support was a obvious ploy to gain the appearance of "toughness" in preparation for the presidential bid. It shows just how cold and calculating most D.C. insiders are. Positioning oneself is more important than opposing an illegal war that could, and has, killed thousands of u.s. troops. Cozyin' up to Rupert Murd(er)ock was just more paint on the plaster. My unvarnished opinion? She's ruthless political scum like 99% of the other worthless turds on the hill.

nunya said...

I'm not sure how I feel about her as a presidential candidate. That said, I think repuke operatives will make shit up about any candidate who threatens their corporate campaign funding, or makes noise about changing the fundamental process in Washington.

enigma4ever said... Hillary for me...there are real people out there that have real values..not"central' middle of the road PC agendas....

nope....Obama/Edwards for me...yup....

windspike said...

I don't think that Hillary is going to win the nomination, but the run up is going to be fun to watch

Laurie said...

Let's hope Obama gets the nomination. Hillary doesn't have a prayer in hell.

SheaNC said...

future: yeah, firing up the GOP base is not a good strategy.

Mike: indeed... say, who do you like so far for prez?

nunya: yes, they are consistent and resolute in their attack. Like a pack of predators.

enigma: I like that Obama/Edwards ticket!

windspike: yes it will, like a race car smash-up! 8^)

laurie: I like Obama too.

Mike of the North said...

Prez? Kucinich, Nader, just about anybody that doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. Galloway... Yeah! That's my man. Anybody that can give a congressional committee the pimp slappin' he did deserves the nomination, even if he is a fuzzy toothed limey.

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