Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Here's a Treat for After Christmas...

Here's a treat to help with that "morning after" post-christmas feeling:

Everybody... Lambretta Twist!


HillCountryGal said...

That vaguely reminded me of those classroom films we used to have to sit through called "Better Living Through Chemistry" - which, of course, was HILARIOUS, because most of us were indeed living better through chemistry. Just not the kind they were teaching. :-)

azgoddess said...

love that video...

and your new -- to me -- icon -- wish i had a never-ending bottle like that -- grin

happy holidays!

windspike said...

Are you running a contest to win one, Shea?

SheaNC said...

Hillcountrygal: Thanks - chemistry requires a lot of study, you know.

azgoddess: The search is ongoing for the perfect icon...

windspike: If I could balance my rotund girth upon such a delicate device, then perhaps...

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