Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

For those of us who write political blogs, Christmas has become a whole new experience, thanks to the rightwing fundamentalist christian taliban psychos who think the world was created in Norman Rockwell's image, and who have invented this asinine so-called "war on christmas".

Fortunately those of us who still manage to remain sane in spite of the madding shrieks and howls from the bubbling cauldron of disfunction on the right, are well aware that winter holiday celebrations of all kinds have been going on for many thousands of years. The history of these celebrations (see here and here) demonstrates that they are for everyone, not just fundmentalist wackos who want to possess it (and everything else) for themselves. So this year, I say, Merry Christmas to those of us who are fed up with the ridiculous blather of the fundamentalist christian "right".

Merry Christmas and happy holidays... to the rest of us! By the way: Wassail!


Laurie said...

And Merry, Merry Christmas to you!

enigma4ever said...

Merry Merry Christmas...esp to all of the Bloggers...Peace to you and Yours, and we will battle to get it back this year...namaste.

HillCountryGal said...

Sorry, I'm sure my response should be something along the lines of "Merry Christmas" but I'm having trouble BREATHING here 'cause of this HILARIOUS line: "...bubbling cauldron of disfunction on the right."
Oh, my, a laugh is such a GREAT thing. Thank you!

msliberty said...

Peaceful Christmas greetings to you!

SheaNC said...

Merry Christmas to all!