Sunday, July 23, 2006

Picked From Usenet Newsgroups IV

Another one from Usenet:
Venezuela, the Next Iraq

We’re going nuke Iran next? Pshaw. Venezuela is clearly the next to enjoy the benefits of American democracy... News stories about Hugo Chávez are coming more often and are more bizarre.
A list of articles follows, like this one:
Venezuela Smuggling Cocaine to U.S. Through Mexico
[just a reminder, we get 80% of our cocaine from American-controlled Plan Columbia]

Reasons Why Bush Is Playing "In Just Cause"

This article is over a year old, but it is a good review for why we have Plan Venezuela.

The Chávez success that frightens the Neo-Cons the most is probably this:

"The Venezuelan government has also begun cracking down on corporate tax evasion, fining and temporarily closing down businesses that fail to obey the law. McDonald's and Coca-Cola have been two high-profile targets of the campaign, forced to shut down their operations in Venezuela this year for two days for failing to have their books in order."

"The anti-tax evasion campaign has netted the Venezuelan government a 50% increase in tax revenue, which the government is using to fund a 24% increase in the minimum wage."

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Tina said...

Of course the wingnuts and Neo-Cons hate Chavez: He actually expects the books to balance NOT be cooked.
Chavez may not be perfect, but I'd happily take him anyday over the Retard and Chief we have.
Have you checked out the You Tube of Chavez where he calls Bush a drunken donkey who is the worst?