Thursday, July 6, 2006

Picked From Usenet Newsgroups II

Found on alt.impeach.bush:

"The reason Conservatives are so angry now is that they have failed and they know it. Six years of total control of government and what have they achieved?

"Abortion is still legal, school prayers are still banned, creationism is still banned, not a single federal agency has been abolished, not a single gun control law has been repealed, none of them even mention balanced budgets any more, their Crusade in Iraq has turned into an unpopular and expensive quagmire, their most recent attempts to amend the Constitution were ridiculous failures, and even Bush doesn't talk about Social Security Reform anymore.

"Their day in the sun came and went, and they have nothing to show for it but mountains of debt and the contempt of the world."


Watch 'n Wait said...

Well said, Shea...though Bush has brought up his Soc Sec plan again, but you know where that's going...

Granny said...

However, they did shove some tings down our throat.

Renewal of the Patriot Act
Stonewalled the minimum wage
750 signing statements
Karl Rove still out of jail
The Supreme Court

Oh well, it's still a good list and I'm waiting for November.

windspike said...

"Day in the sun?" Perhaps more apropos is a Day in the Acid Rain.

yellowdog granny said...

considering all this was accomplished with their heads up their is pretty amazing...

Mike V. said...

did you post that?
under what name?

I read that one and alt.politics.bush all the time. and post.

I use much more filthy language on usenet for some reason, though.. :)

SheaNC said...

Mike V: It's one that I found in alt.impeach.bush quite a while back, but it's hard to go hack and find stuff because that goup updates so incrediblu fast, as you know. But what I do is, when I find one I like, I forward it to myself as an email, then save it to use whenever. Now I've got so many saved I need to clean out the folder they're in!