Saturday, March 18, 2006

Up the Creek Without a Choice: How The Bush Administration Helps the Small Businessman

Taken from an article in the SacBee:
Along 700 miles of the Pacific Coast, fishing towns and fishermen are facing the unthinkable this spring: a total closure of the salmon season... For fishermen, it could mean bankruptcy, the end of a way of life. "I hate to try and imagine how bad my life is going to get," said [a local fisherman].

Many blame a Bush administration decision in 2002 to ignore its own federal biologists and divert more water from the Klamath River for farm irrigation. The decision put salmon in jeopardy as they tried to swim upriver to spawn. An estimated 70,000 fish were killed that fall in stagnant pools on the lower Klamath by disease and suffocation - about half of them chinook salmon.
I wonder who they voted for in 2004?

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