Monday, March 13, 2006

Like Him or Not, Clinton was a Better President than Bush II, Bush I, Reagan...

Round two in my fun series about why the Clinton presidency was about a bazillion times better than the criminal idiot George Bush. I urge everyone to read these:

Clinton's "Lies" vs. GOP Crimes

Eight Great Years

Never send a Bush to do a President's job

Shame On You, President Clinton!

Bush Borrowed More Than All Previous Presidents Combined

This information should have been the democrats' platform in 2004. They dropped the ball. Independents, it's your turn now!


Grandpa Eddie said...

Ya know...I always liked Bill Clinton, I may not have always agreed with everything he did, but I always liked him.

As liberals, we have a tendency to disagree with each other. The Republicans, as well as many Americans, view this as a weakness amoungst us. I don't see it that way. I believe that is one of our strong points....IT MAKES US THINK. And that's something you won't ever see a Republican do...unless of course they are ordered to.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Oh...btw...thanks for the links :^)

SheaNC said...

Thanks, Grandpa Eddie, I agree with your observation. With Clinton, it's been an odd progression to where we are now. One thing I like to refer to is a chapter in Michael Moore's Stupid White Men devoted to the bad things that Clinton did. And it's exactly that bad stuff that serves to illustrate how truly horrible a president Bush is. Because, even with all his follies, Clinton's presidency seems practically utopian compared to the Bush debacle.