Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Training the Next Regime

Okay, truthseekers, here's a weird one. The following passage was copied verbatim from a local community-college schedule of "Community Education" courses, which are offered to the public and not part of any degree program. They include things like computer courses, training to be a notary public or a medical insurance transcriptionist, real estate classes, and so on.

Well, in this particular one, it listed the following class under the heading, "Coming This Fall:"
How to Get into Politics and be Successful

From serving on a volunteer board, being part of college campus ASB office, being treasurer of a neighborhood organization, or running for a publicly elected office, politics are an integral part of our lives. Successful campaigns are as much a matter of mechanics and a defined process as they are about issues and qualifications. Once you know and understand the process, you’ll enjoy a significant advantage over your competition. In this entertaining program you’ll learn how to:

  • Make campaign promises that position you as a winner
  • As opposed to making promises to provide things that 1) you are able to provide, and 2) the voters actually want
  • Obtain financial support for your campaign
  • How convenient! A whole chapter on how to be a corrupt slimeball!
  • Answer questions and how to sidestep them
  • At this point I must reiturate that, I swear to God, this is on the level. I only avoid giving the link to the college because I don't want to announce my location to the whole blogosphere.
  • Decide on what you can promise vs. what you can really deliver
  • Those last two items sum it up nicely, don't they? Why don't they just write, "How to lie your ass off every time you show your face in public, you political whore."
  • Plus everything else you’ll need to serve with dignity and integrity
  • In 2000 we were promised "Honor and Integrity" in the White House. I wonder if "dignity and integrity" are much different?

    [The instructor] has been involved in both “amateur” and professional political campaigns for over 30 years and have a successful history of providing training advice to those seeking elected position.
    I'll bet they do. I'll bet Abramoff wrote the introduction to their textbook. Seriously, this course seems to reduce public service to a competitive sport, the goal of which is to win your game, to hell with right or wrong or what is in the public interest.

    I guess I'm just too naive and idealistic.


    Ken Grandlund said...

    HA! Maybe I should sign up- and here I was plannign on campaigning with plain old honesty. Silly me.

    SheaNC said...

    To read my comments in the post, it kinda sounds like I've developed a bad attitude about politics! I'm glad you're out there, Ken, to give people in your district a better choice.

    Mike of the North said...

    “You’re never going to make it in politics. You just don’t know how to lie.”
    - Republican President Richard Nixon

    Hey Ken, check out Brent Reilly's book

    How To Kick Republican Ass

    Mike V. said...

    Shea, I always thought you were a wide eyed idealist..

    Watch 'n Wait said...

    Shea..really like your "Coexist" and other site changes.

    As for that political campaign class...Ugh!

    SheaNC said...

    Mike of the North: It's come to the point where we look to Nixon for truths!

    Mike V (Mike of the South?): Actually, I am a squinty-eyed idealist. Too many years staring at the CRT.

    Watch-n-Wait: As an added bonus, if you click on the "coexists" banner it takes you to the site where the picture came from (for the longest time, I couldn't remember where I found it!). And that class... it still freaks me out.

    Hey, you know... I could take that class, just to see how weird it is, and then report back to you all. After all, it is gonna be offered at the local community college. Hmmm...