Friday, December 2, 2005

Merry Mmphlph!

Hey, loyal readers, remember last year around this time when I offered this post about "Bush White House's Christ-Less Christmas?"
While his media-mogul ministers of information are busy showing their "goodwill toward men" by spreading more of their ridiculous LIES about liberals, saying that we "hate Christmas" and that we are "taking Christ out of Christmas," and so on, their king, Hypoctrites Rex, demonstrates his will that no other king should be worshipped but him. As the Anti-Christ, Bush is careful to remove such references from his presence, similar to the way that mirrors and crucifixes are kept from Rumsfeld's sight and references to Rasputin are hushed around Cheney and Rove.
Well, Mike V. has a great one up for this year's holidays (or whatever we're supposed to call it) called And they tell us the damn "libruls" are trying to kill Christmas.

Where's Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson now?


Jack Mercer said...

Bush is a liberal. As is his administration. Can anyone tell me what is conservative about the Bush administration?


BTW, Christmas is a religious holiday. Anyone is free to celebrate it the way they want to. I don't go wishing my Jewish friends "Happy, Han...uh, I mean Holidays". Is there any common sense out there?

SheaNC said...

I think I've already explained this, Jack: Bush is not a liberal. Just because conservatives are embarrassed to admit he is theirs, doesn't make him a liberal. Bush strongly opposes, and shows nothing but contempt for, liberal values. Everything liberals stand for, he is against.

Jack: how can you possibly come to the conclusion that he is a liberal? (I think I know what you're going to say, but I want to hear it from you).

Mike V. said...

A lot of conservatives that I hear that from say this because spending is out of control.
Sorry, that is not a good reason to conclude that Bush is a "liberal".
He is a religious freak neo-con puppet for PNAC and that's about it.
The goal for those that are using Bush are as follows:
Domination in the Middle East.

The shift of money from working people to the most wealthy through tax reform, off shore manufacturing, reduction of benefits, reduction of wages and SS "reform" (which won't happen, thankfully).

Sar said...

As always props to both Shea & Mike V, two of my favorite bloggers :)

And I'm waiting to hear Jack's response out of morbid curiosity too.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Christmas is a religious holiday

Well, Jack is partly right. It is a pagan religious "holiday" not christian. It was stolen by the christians from the pagans.

If Jack thinks Bush is a liberal, Jack must be an ultra-ultra rightwing-nut.

Thanks for letting me know about the problem you were having with my blog in IE. We're working on it to try to figure out what's going on.

Mike V. said...

And you're not on Firefox because??

SheaNC said...

Well, I use this browser called slimbrowser. I like it a lot becaused it has some great features, like saving a whole group of sites and opening them all as tabs within the same browser window with one click (that's how I save my favorite daily-read blogs). It's only real problem is that it is one of those browsers that runs on top of IE so they're basically married. Also, it doesn't support the google toolbar, which sucks. I am enough of a nerd that I go back and forth between browsers... geez!

Jack Mercer said...

Hi Guys!

I will actually be completing a blog posting concerning this topic for you. I have written many a comment to this effect before so I'm going to put it in a post so that I can refer back to it.

Is that ok?


SheaNC said...

Sounds good... I'll look forward to it 8^)

Mike V. said...

Firefox offers tabbed browsing AND the google bar, dude.
You should check it out.

SheaNC said...

I do like Firefox. It's just that I am a slave to slimbrowser's "Groups" function. But, you know, since Firefox is open-source, maybe I can suggest it to them and some enterprising developer will make it a reality. Hmm...

Jack Mercer said...

Shea, I have a roughed out version of my essay on Bush. It is incomplete, but gives a gist of what I have wanted to communicate. The main problem today is that language has been diluted to the point of misunderstanding. Clear communication is needed, and so the first part of the posting is important in order for everyone to be on the same page. I know many liberals that are surprised when learning that certain policies are liberal in nature when they are heartily against them. So please don't take any of this personally. The bottom line is that everyone needs to understand that government, history, everything is cyclical, and that one kind of policy sets precedence for another. We cannot empower a government to create an egalitarian society and then sit back and pick and choose which parts we want and don't want. Once government has that power, there is usually no reversal. I know that many liberals did not intend for the government to get as big as it has, but because they have given the government the power to do some things, the government assumes that responsibility in other areas. The only way power can be removed from government is through revolution and that happened 200 years ago. It is not likely that we will see another in our lifetime.

I realize it is a very long post, but read and digest the information objectively. As I mentioned, it is important to understand the framework of government before moving on to analysis of policy, so if any of you have questions or disagreements, please let me know.

Let's analyze this together and we may actually get somewhere.

Regards to all,



P.S. This article is unedited for grammer and spelling. Felt it necessary to get it out there first though then I'll revise it. Also, since I am far from infallible, you may have some perspective I have missed which may add to its overall revision.

windspike said...


The W, Rove and Co have been caught reducing Christmas to just another "holiday" a few times (at least by me surfing their whitehouse dot gov web location). Just wondering why Falwell has not sicced his lawyers on the W, Rove and Co?