Tuesday, December 6, 2005

From Buzzflash

Infamous Comparisons
"In less than four years after entering WWII, America and its allies defeated the greatest military threat ever assembled in world history: the fascist Axis powers of Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. But four years after 9/11, Bush remains unable to defeat a ragtag group of insurgents and terrorists, with no end in sight to the Iraqi insurgency and 'War on Terrorism.'"


Mike V. said...

the difference:
in the 40's we were trying to stop someone from taking over an entire continent and more.
now, it's a way for Bush to launder a bunch of money to his rich buddies and dream a little dream for PNAC.

Sar said...

Sadly, amen to that, Mike.

windspike said...

Although the W, Rove and Co try to link their coat tails to the WWII victories, their attempt is, at best, tomfoolery (as in the DeLay). WWII and Pearl Harbor were no Nine Eleven or "War on Terror."

Mike is right - like the war on drugs, the point is to feed the capitalist pigs, not win a war.