Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bush Says, "Oops. So What?"

Bush acknowledges faulty Iraq intelligence
I dunno, it's getting tiresome. All I can say anymore is that Bush us a lying sack of shit and anyone who believes what he says is a gullible sap.


windspike said...

I was just wondering today what would be a fitting punishment for people who execute innocent people in the name of trying to avert murder/terrorism and the like. I posted the question atop my blog today. We shall see if we get any creative suggestions.

The good Christian Value of an eye for an eye just doesn't seem appropriate in the case of the W, Rove and Co. There has to be something worse, no?

Blog on Shea - Blog on.

Mike V. said...

Every time Bush opens his mouth, the Baby Jesus cries.

Jack Mercer said...


I disagree with Bush's assessment that we should have gone into Iraq to "create democracy". That is imperialism pure and simple. Blame it on faulty intelligence (that happens often in history), but don't back it up by saying that we went there on faulty intelligence, but even if we had good intelligence we would have gone in anyway. That is ridiculous!