Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Ha Ha! So Republican!

Wine, beer, liquor cash flows into Hatch coffers
Sen. Orrin Hatch, a former LDS bishop who does not drink, has taken more money from wine, beer and liquor groups this year than any other congressional candidate.

That is not all. Hatch, R-Utah, who follows his LDS faith's admonition against smoking, took the fifth-most money this year among all congressional candidates from tobacco interests.

Hatch, who says he also opposes gambling, as does his LDS faith, took the 15th most among Senate candidates this year from gambling interests.

Dave Hansen, Hatch's campaign manager, said Friday, "...if a group wanted to make a contribution because what he is doing in Washington is good for Utah and America, and it is a legal and lawful group, he would accept it... I can't say why they contribute... If they look at [his political activities] and say, 'We like the job he is doing, and even though he doesn't use our products, we may want to make contributions.'"

Meanwhile, Tony Musci, chairman of Common Cause of Utah, an advocacy group concerned about special-interest money in politics, said, "Special interests tend to give money for a reason, not just to be good Americans. It buys them access. It gives them a leg up on whatever they are up against in the legislative process. What are they getting from Sen. Hatch? I mean, Utah doesn't exactly have a big wine or tobacco industry."
Republicans frequently remind us that they are morally superior to all others. That's the ticket they run on, year after year. Yet they continue to demonstrate what hypocrites they are.


Ken Grandlund said...

you mean "Do as I say, not as I do" isn't a good concept to live one's political life by?

Mike of the North said...

So what is it exactly, that you have against LSD bishops anyway?

SheaNC said...

The LSD bishops preach that I should listen to Pink Floyd and focus on the colors and shapes... wow! Did you see that one! Whoosh!

Mike of the North said...

I've always had a fond spot for the LSD bishops myself!