Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Turn Up Your Speakers Time!!

With Rush Limbaugh in the news again, and again, and again, I think it is my duty to re-post this presentation which defines his character in succinct yet wholly accurate terms. In fact, it is probably way too complimentary!

As my bloggin' friend Grandpa Eddie quoted in this post about Limbaugh: "Limbaugh's the "role model" for the party of family values? A thrice-divorced, drug-abusing, Parkinson's-mocking, cigar-sucking egomaniac, a poster boy for meanness, overindulgence and excess? So for now the future of the party is an admitted Oxycontin addict who plea-bargained his way out of a drug conviction, who mocks children and Parkinson's sufferers, who exhibits strange sexual fears about our first black president (why is he worried about "grabbing his ankles?"), who was famously detained on a Dominican Republic vacation for carrying Viagra without a prescription?"

It was only a matter of months ago that Limbaugh declared that if John McCain became the Republican nominee for president it would signal the death of the Republican party. He also said that he was tired of "carrying the water" for the Repukes by defending Bush, etc. He tried to subvert the American electoral process by encouraging Repukes to deliberately foul up the Democratic National Convention. He has all but admitted that his ilk cannot win a fair election and must cheat in order to remain viable.

I have heard him off and on for over 20 years, and he has lied his ass off the whole time.

If Rush Limbaugh is the symbol of the Republican party, we have either nothing, or everything, to worry about.


Grandpa Eddie said...

Shea, that was just frickin' BEAUTIFUL!

Hey, and thanks for the link, my friend.

Nancy said...

Grandpa Eddie is such a wise man! Hi Grandpa. You left out, though, Rush really, really hates women. THREE ex-wifes can't be wrong. He openly stated that everything he knows about women, he learned from his female cat. That's quite evident. So, I wonder why he needed Viagra on his trip? Ugh...who would have him? Oh, that's right. He made a billion bucks spewing lies and ugliness to uneducated jerks who think he speaks for them.

Shea, in the end...I think we have nothing to worry about!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Sorry the ladies were left out on that one, but I have far too much respect for your gender to abuse them like that.

Mama raised this 'radical' right. I may stumble once in awhile, but she raised me right.

Nancy said...

Thank you Grandpa for your chivalry. Your Mama did raise you right....or was it left? Anyway, come to think of it, you're so right about the abuse by Mr. Limpwhatever!

Mike of the North said...

Plush Limpbowels rocks! He is destroying any validity that the repukes might have had left. The anal canker that kept him out of 'Nam is eating him from the inside out (if only metaphorically) and he's taking the 'pukes with him


nunya said...

I cannot listen to him. You are stronger than I am. The mocking of Michael J. Fox made him completely irrelevant to me.

SheaNC said...

Yeah, let him sail their ship right off the edge of their flat earth! :)