Tuesday, March 4, 2008

There's Always Room for Another Conspiracy Theory

Okay, who has been reading my blog long enough to remember be saying (a lot) that Hillary is the repuke's fave pick as candidate for president '08? Anyone? (crickets chirping in background, but thanks to those five of you who do remember).

First of all, we have Rush Limbaugh imploring his listeners to cross over and vote for Hillary Clinton in the Texas Democratic Primary. Next, we have news reports that republicans are, in fact, doing just that: hordes of GOP dittohead zombies are voting in the democratic primary, which is open to anyone. And do you think they are simply disaffected conservatives who want "change"? Puh-leeze. They are the same repuke bastards who have turned their party into a cesspool of corruption, perversion, hypocrisy, and treason, and they are scared shitless that they might further lose their grip on power.

They know they can't beat Obama, and they shudder at the thought that regardless of whatever policies he decides to implement, his election symbolically represents wholesale rejection of fascist neocon republican values.

Republicans also know that they can never win an honest election - they had to cheat in order to "win" in 2000 and 2004. So, true to form, they once again must resort to dishonest trickery to secure the office of president. This is only a gnat's piss away from the type of criminal activity that Watergate was all about, by the way. Now, that's what I call true conservatism: bringing back the crime-culture that defined their party, and associated it forever with corruption (there's a reason why every political scandal has the "-gate" suffix).

If the repukes succeed in mucking up the election by deliberately sabotaging the electoral process (which has been their tactic for at least the last two presidential elections), there should be hell to pay. Seriously. Even though the press and the public will lie probably down and take it... how long must we tolerate this behavior?


betmo said...

the hillary supporters won't notice because they are the flip side of the same coin. trust me- i try to reason with them all of the time.

Mike V. said...

this sounds like my worst fucking nightmare..
let's just work for the best, I guess.
obama in 08.

The Beltway B@stard said...

I'm writing in Jimmy Buffet for 08'. Then I'm looking seriously to retiring to Italy, where the politics are so complicated, the common man ignores them.

Mike of the North said...

Italy sounds good...