Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Probably More Likely to be My Last Rove Post

One more thing, damnit: I am sick to death of hearing about what a brilliant strategist and a genius Karl Rove was. Can someone please, please, tell me something he did to warrant such a description?

Frequently mentioned is his success in getting George W Bush into political office (I won't say "elected" because that's not how it went down). What is the brilliant strategy in lying and cheating and stealing? Maybe the result is the proof: One might have to be brilliant to get an asshole like Bush into office.

I am anxiously awaiting proof that the morally bankrupt failure Karl Rove is as smart as they all say he is. Personally, I think they are simply repeating that lie because they were ordered to... probably by him.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

You raise a good point, and your last post answered a lot of your questions, I think.

Today, so much of "genius" is dynamic, not static. Is Rove the equal of of Einstein? Christ No! Without going into how "genius" became a moving target vs a standard, I think the label "genius" was applied to Rove simply BECAUSE he got the first idiot in the White Outhouse. That had to be only slightly harder than getting Donald Duck in there. If ever anybody made a silk purse out of a sow's ear, it has to be Karl Rove.

Rove knows the political system inside and out. He could be ethical, as much as any pol can be, if he choose such, he does not. Rove doesn't see ethics as anything his job requires. He sees his job only as win at any cost, and because he does have a "winning" record, and because so much of America can only see "winning" the only goal, and the hell with everything else, everybody thinks he's a genius.

This is the best Rove post I've read yet. Good Job!!!

SheaNC said...

Thanks, Future. I should have mentioned that part about "win at any cost". His goal was to win for his sake (using the republicans as a vehicle), with no regard whatsoever for the good of the country. The way he used evangelicals, for example, shows what a low opinion he has of everyone else.