Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Good Little "Why They Hate Us" Video

I used to have a link to a site that had a totally great little article called "Why They Hate Us," describing why so many people from other countries (say, Iran or Iraq) hate us (hint: they don't "hate us for our freedom").

Alas, that link is no more. I miss it so, but luckily other similar sites exist to fill the void. Here is one such link:

Infuriating and enlightening at the same time. Consider, for example, the part about 32 seconds into the piece, where it says that since 1991 were had been bombing Iraq on a weekly basis. The Bush administration has such a low opinion of you and me that they think we'll believe their lie that the Iraqis "hate is for our freedom," not for conducting bomb runs against them every week for years.

Whoever believes the right-wing position on world affairs is either an ignorant dupe or an evil bastard.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

The U.S. has treated other countries as a tool of convenience for so long, that it's a wonder anybody likes us.

azgoddess said...

people hate us and for good reason we allow this kind of behavior in our elected officials - and why - so we can buy new cars and clothes and homes???? and end our kids to college...