Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Where Have I Been? Part II

Has it really been 10 days since I posted last? Youch! That's terrible, although I have been away before, so I guess it's not unheard-of.

In my last post I talked about how I'm devoting more attention to a part of my life that has suffered neglect for too long. And long with that, I have decided my blog should expand and grow and transform along with me.

See, I never set out to be just a political blogger. Really, I didn't want to become obsessed with politics. I originally wanted my blog to be about that and more; more of a journal really, with observations about all kinds of things. But you see, I began my blog right before the 2004 presidential election. I didn't anticipate the country's quick, sick spiral into the vortex of neocon greed, depravity, and contempt for all humanity. But that's what it did, and I have been so focused on that for almost two years now that it has become overwhelming at times. I become alternately angry, depressed, enraged, hopeless... the roller coaster of emotion that is the curse of the politically aware.

Meantime, other aspects of my life suffer neglect. One of those is my indulgence in the arts - writing (other things), music, etc. So, for my own peice of mind and mental health, I am going to try to achieve more balance in my life and in my blogging. I'll still devote attention to politics and social issues - how could I not? I thoroughly despise the Bush administration, and I can never ignore the horrific damage they hae wrought upon our country and the world (especially since the damage they've done probably won't be repaired in my lifetime). But my blog will also slowly begin to include expressions of other aspects of my personality, too. I want to make it more fully representative of my ideas and values. More of the same, and more of something... more.

So, thanks for being patient with me, blog friends. I appreciate you all.


Granny said...

That's exactly why I hve two blogs (although granny came first). I read your comment on isamericaburning and I know how you feel, I think.

I don't want to keep plowing the same old ground or duplicating what far better writers than I have said.

I' not giving up but I'm going to change my direction over there a little and try for items that are still somewhat political but might not be seen elsewhere.

Sothis said...

I did the same thing as Granny--separated into two blogs--one about my life, one about politics. I found that the anger about politics and what is happening in the States was taking over (and had me feeling very angry most of the time).

Looking forward to the evolution of your blog!

Watch 'n Wait said...

Go for it, Shea!

windspike said...

Art is good...but have you been over to Neil Shakespeare's blog? You can mix the two? Art and Politics...but it ain't for everyone.

What ever comes to fruition here, I'll be lapping it up.

Blog on friend, blog on.

Watch 'n Wait said...

Re. Bolton at Oxford...:)) You are SO bad, Shea! Have to admit, I'm as bad as you. Grin every time I think of that situation. :))

Sar said...

That's the beauty of having your own blog - it's yours! Do with it as you will. I personally will look forward to hearing and learning more from you beyond the politics, though I'll always appreciate your passion for it.

SheaNC said...

Thanks, all!

Worried said...

I agree with you 100%. Politics and war are too depressing as a full time diet. To maintain sanity we MUST have a break at times. You go!

Mike V. said...

and we appreciate you as well.


El Mas Chingón said...


I'm glad to hear you'll be branching out into other subjects because it will prevent you from burning out when you have other things to write about. I did the same thing when I set up my blog on WordPress. It's on politics, sports, and life in San Diego, but I feel it's more like a window into my world.

Greetings From America's Finest City

SheaNC said...

Thanks again, all 8^)

CP said...

I am looking forward to seeing you "grow", but it is hard to get away from the things we are passionate about. Don't neglect your political side either! Actually, I count on you to clear it all up for me!