Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Neocon Agenda is Destroying America

Redundant title, isn't it? we've been reminding our readers of that for years now, haven't we? Well, another right-wing dream is coming true: the U.S. is losing middle-class neighborhoods.
Middle-class neighborhoods, long regarded as incubators for the American dream, are losing ground in cities across the country, shrinking at more than twice the rate of the middle class itself.
Let me tell you a story about the middle class. When I was a teenager I was working a summer job with a person who grew up quite wealthy in Mexico. I asked her what that was like. "There's no middle class there," she said. "There are only rich and poor. And very rich, and very poor. No middle class."

That's what the neoconservative economic agenda is. To increase their own wealth and power by crushing the middle class and creating an underclass of service economy wage slaves who exist to serve them. And they've seduced their supporters into sucking up to them without hesitation. It's pathetic.

We're in the transition period now, a nation becoming blanketed with McMansions and slums. Soon this will pass and you'll see more of a return to the class distinctions of the "gilded age." Conservatism. Careening headlong into the dark ages, and taking us all with them.


Mike V. said...

what staggers me is the amount of working folk that are right in line with this.

working people that are against unions and OK with Mao Mart and their shitty wages, working conditions and out sourced slave labor in China making all the crap for them.

working people who have been indoctrinated since babies about the "free market".
There is currently no such thing in the US, because it's all run by huge corporations that funnel cash into K Street so they can suck at the tit of the treasury, have their taxes reduced and get handouts from Uncle Sam (read, the middle class) and freebies to pollute at will.

The transfer of wealth from the working class to the most wealthy in this nation is truly ruining it.
We are nothing without a strong working middle class to drive the economy through good and bad times.

SheaNC said...

That blows me away, too. Like, for instance, I work with a bunch of Bush-lovin', warmongering dittoheads, who at the same time are all active in our union! They go around saying "support the union this" and "support the union that" and then totally vote for the anti-labor ticket! AAUUGGHH!

Granny said...

What's the Matter With Kansas?

I've been yelling about this for years. San Francisco is a classic example. We had some industry, shipping, blue collar jobs were plentiful and workers were well treated. The financial district was thriving. I lived there off and on for 25 years. Now I don't.

It's a city of neighborhoods. Or it was. It priced me out 13 years ago. One by one, the industries disappeared. The shipping went to Oakland. Even the famous financial district is shrinking.

A couple of years after I retired, my company (over 150 years old) was swallowed up by the industry giant. I'm glad I wasn't there to see it happen.

If there's a middle class there, I sure can't find it.

pissed off patricia said...

It helps a lot if much of the nation refuses to think and instead just follows like so many blind and deaf sheep.