Friday, January 6, 2006

(Updated): The Republican Crime Party

The Republican Crime Party
"It is not our job to seek peaceful coexistence with the Left. Our job is to remove them from power permanently." - Jack A. Abramoff

And how did they proceed with that plan? Why, by clinging to their tried-and-true gameplan of graft, corruption, and a complete lack of ethics. Sticking with what has worked for them in the past, conserving those old-fashioned tricks they used before.

It seems to follow the same pattern. Start out on top, and end up with a scandal. Take Nixon. His scandal became the one by which all others are judged since. Since Watergate, everything is "__gate." Humorously, even the republicans apply the "-gate" suffix to democrats' scandals, whether real or imagined, only serving to remind their audience where "-gate" came from.

Then there was Reagan. Again, started out on top, thanks to his willingness to endow the nation's sworn enemies with weapons. By the time his presidency ended, you couldn't swing a cat without hitting an indicted republican.

Then came Bush Sr. Besides pardoning the criminals from the Reagan presidency, he ushered in the era of Bush scandals. The S&L scandals. The gay child-sex scandal (to be fair, that one was a Reagan-Bush scandal). And so on.

Now, we live in the era of Bush Jr. The most corrupt administration ever, built on lies and hypocrisy. One that seems to revel in its repeated insults to America. Republican all the way.

And you know what? I hear that all the corruption-cash in the Abramoff scandal went to republicans. All of it. Not a dime to democrats. Hmm. I guess God's chosen, morally superior party of family values, is just repeating history again. Now that's conservative!

Update: First, go here. Scroll down to "Individual Search". Type in "Abramoff, Jack". Voila! All republicans!


windspike said...

I don't know for sure that the Abramoff cash went only went to repugs. Some dems, I think, are also giving said cash back to charities.

Beware the "they did it, too" argument. I love it. It's like shitting where you live - they did it so we can to?

Just which party is supposed to have the higher moral and ethical standards?

Sar said...

Oh Shea, this is one of your best posts. "Couldn't swing a cat without hitting an indicted Republican." LOL!

And yes, as Windspike pointed out, there's a glaring difference when you see the dems giving back the funds instead of hoarding it and saying "not me, not me". Hypocrites.

SheaNC said...

I know it is a tall claim, but here's why I feel confident about it. I first heard it mentioned by Randi Rhodes on Air America, and I trust her - she's true blue. She went on to say that she and her staff researched it, and it was true. So, that, combined with the fact that Abramoff is very pro-republican and anti-democrat(as evidenced by that quote at the beginning), makes me feel confident to say that this scandal falls to the right.

Of course, as an independent, I won't shy away from chastising any "lefties" who were involved too 8^)

SheaNC said...

By the way, did you see that link about the boy-sex prostitution ring in the White House? Yikes! That's gotta be a Skull-n-Bones thing!

windspike said...

Shea and Stacy,

My mind has been changed by a post over at Crooks and Liars. Have a gander:

The Dems didn't do it. FUBAR for the repugs. It's their scandal and I can't wait to see what happens when the fur flies as congress merges back to life an a week or two.

Mike V. said...

Yea, man, they (Faux News and the like) can spin this crap any way that they want, but the stink is all on the Grand Old Party.