Monday, January 2, 2006

Neocon FAQ

In my blog, you'll find frequent mention of the Neocons - a popular term for adherents of the neoconservative ideology. I find that many commenters who support current Republican party policy, also deny the existence of neoconservatism. They dismiss it as non-existent in a hear-no-evil, fingers-in-the-ears-singing-la-la-la sort of way, and quite frankly, their steadfast refusal to listen to an explanation of neoconservative ideology makes it pretty much futile to discuss it with them.

However, for those who do wonder what the hell we are talking about when we go on about the neocons, here is a Neoconservative FAQ that offers some more tidbits of information. Bon appetite!

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Jack Mercer said...

Hi Shea!

Have been out of circulation of late, but jumping back in. Yep, I agree that there are a lot of Neo-cons out there. The term is really oxymoronic, because they are not really conservative at all. I will read the article you reference, but want to commend you for identifying these people.