Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sniffing the Glue that Holds the Republican Party Together

An interesting tidbit appeared in an article about Sarah Palin's resignation recently:
Only a few years ago, the [republican] party was considered a model of lockstep discipline with around-the-clock message control and seamless coordination of policy and politics. But from all appearances, it has entered a period of inner confusion, verging on the dysfunctional... How did so organized a party come apart so swiftly? One explanation is that it hasn’t been swift at all. The Republicans have been in decline for some time — and in recent years, even in disarray... Dating back to 1992, Republicans have won a plurality in only one presidential election — and that lone victory, in 2004, was not nearly the triumph it appeared to be at the time. Its architect, Karl Rove, spoke of establishing a “permanent majority” for the Republicans, but in reality Mr. Bush won by less than 3 percentage points — one of the narrowest re-elections in presidential history. And although he claimed a mandate, his two big second-term initiatives — privatizing Social Security and immigration reform — were easily thwarted. Some of the strongest opposition came from within Mr. Bush’s own party — further evidence that the Republicans were even then losing their cohesiveness.
The rise of Repubican power, and their abuse of it as they became drunk with it and sought to crush opposition without considering the lives of Americans whom they also crushed along with their political targets, followed by their fall from grace, fascinates me.

I have always tried to accept change readily, and yet I am, as this blog's title says, amazed at some of the changes I have seen in various areas of my life. I thought the repukes would always be on top because they are the power elite, or at least they are the tools of ht epower elite. Now, if the Dems are on top... what does that say about the power elite, who are always in control of everything? Nothing happens unless they allow it to happen, right..? So, maybe the Dems are the new tools of the power elite?

I don't know. Whenever I make real observations about the real world, it sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory. I wonder why that is?


betmo said...

because we have been conditioned to believe the truth to be a conspiracy theory. unless you swallow the lies- you're crazy.

Mike V. said...

yea, dude.
Seriously, what bothers me is that the democrats have been given this gift. This gift of one completely fucked up "opposition party" and they are NOT working hard enough for us. You know, the people that voted for them and the working class, and the poor and just about everyone else other than the top 5 percent..
That's really bothersome to me.

Mike of the North said...

I know the comment is a little late, but you know me.

The comment about the demods being the "new" tools of the elite evokes an, "I told you so" response, but I won't succumb to the temptation. I will attempt to paraphrase Gore Vidal, "There is only one party in america... the business party."

Witness the "stimulus package", who does is benefit? Not you or me in any real way other than that tired old horse of "trickle down economics" from the reagan years.

The government has become one with corporate business. It's scary how fast we've become fascist in our attempt to liberalize our country.

(and no, I'm not a right wing dumbass slinging the word fascist around while tying it to socialism in the same sentence, as I think you know.)

nunya said...

Ah yessss, the power elite. Till the money is removed from politics in the country democracy is quite shaky to say the least.

Hang in there love :)

SheaNC said...

Betmo: Well, crazy is something to strive for :)

Mike V: That's bothersome to me, too.

Mike of the North: That's ok if you say "I told you so," because you did. And, I do sigh when I read some people cry "socialism!" about the stimulus, when it's really more like fascism. I still hate the repukes more, but it sucks when the dems become repuke-lite.

Nunya: Yeah, human history is nothing if not consistent when money and power rule over the common good. I'm hanging in there :)

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