Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Me and Christmas

Okay, I said a while back I would do a post about me and Christmas. I usually write about more satirical or political things at Christmas time (remember the one about Christians' believing that Santa Claus is actually Satan?).

I love Christmas; I always have. The holiday festivities, the decorations, the "meaning of Christmas" (as taught to me by the old Christmastime TV specials of my childhood), the general wonderfulness of it all. The thing that throws some people off, though, is the fact that I am not a Christian.

I don't have a religion. I do have a set of beliefs, but that's another post in itself. My point here is to describe my relationshp with and enthusiasm about a holiday that has become associated with Christianity. I have blogged a lot about the Pagan origins of Christmas traditions, and how it is originally a Pagan holiday that was hijacked by Christians. But that's mostly for fun and partly to enlighten any poor souls who might happen by and don't already know what we know.

Christmas appeals to more in me than what Christians claim. I enjoy sociology, history, observation of culture, of human nature, of humanity in its various expressions. The Christmas I have known since my earliest memory was a cultural holiday; one where people tried to express all those good things we're all familiar with, all embellished with the colorful trappings of holiday festival. My generation grew up on Rankin-Bass animated Christmas specials, and the magic contained therein. I even appreciate the things that Christianity has brought to the table (so to speak), although I see them as expressions of cultural and historical significance, the human glue that binds societies together. As a non-Christian, and a nonreligious person in general, I recognize that religion is still a part of me as long as I am a part of society - it is a part of my culture, even if I don't share those beliefs.

So, what I love about Christmas is the cultural things; the festival, the history, the holiday, the lights, colors, art, music, sights, sounds, aromas, and yes, even traditions. There's a lot to be said for appreciating the holidays on a lot of different levels; it makes for a rich experience indeed.

Well, it's far into Christmas Eve, so I'll leave on that note. A heartfelt Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night :)


Ali said...

Trust me, Christian Palestinians love x-mas too. But this is a crazy world. How can Christian Palestinians celebrate xmas in Gaza and the holy land when Irsaeli planes have killed more than 300 civilians and 30 children and 20 women. When will governments realize that people in my region want to live in Peace and co exist. Good hearted Americans like you can end this bloodshed.
call your congress and representive now to put pressure on Israel to end this maddness.

SheaNC said...

I agree with you, Ali, it is madness. I wish I could stop the warfare that is going on over there. I wish America was not a part of it - America supports one side, when it should be encouraging both sides to end the violence. I'll add my voice to those who cry out for an end to the carnage, but I feel powerless against this ongoing battle that has raged for as long as I can remember. Can Israelis and Palestinians ever find peace?

Ali said...

Thanks man, that's why Im appealing to Americans who can make a difference and be able to pressure the US government to put an end to this. Palestinians and Israelis can put an end to this when a super nuclear power like Israel end its injustice and simply end the occupation. Both sides should learn to coexist

Mike of the North said...

Well shit... I was going to make some stupid comment about how the headline should read "Christmas and I..."

Ali, I feel helpless in the face of the oppression that the Palestinians are under. I think, hope, pray, that it will change. Maybe the collapse of capitialism as we know it will make the unfettered support of israel a cost that we no longer are willing to bear.

Ali said...

Mike, I appreciate your sympathy but there are many ways to help this injustice as a free American:
1. Call your congress representative and express your opinion
2. Call your house representative
3. Make your voice heard in the Protests that are spreading in the US
4. Make your voice heard on TV, Internet, any media

That alone will help stop this bloodshed