Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Corporate Media Fascism Rules the Day

So dig it, truthseekers:

MSNBC prepares to broadcast a "debate" (they're not debates in the true sense of the word, just public appearances). They decide, of course, to exclude Dennis Kucinich (the candidate who best represents progrssive values and enjoys huge popular support, therefore scaring the shit out of America's powermongers). Exclude him! I mean, they actually changed the rules so he could be disinvited. Lovely.

So, insted of a democracy where we get to choose between candidates who are running for office, we get whatever triangulating centrist corporate shill the news media decide to whore out for mass consumption.

And we all know that most people in this country don't have the brains to think past American Idol and will happily vote for whoever is most successfully marketed to them. No matter how much they complain, they (we) will receive more of the same, wrapped in a new package.

It's all just sales schtick. The new brainwashing catchphrase on all sides is "change", repeated enough to make people think that's what is being offered, when the truth is they are receiving the very same plutocratic corporatist gruel they are given every election. The only change they offer is the fact that the next president is much more likely to be able to actually speak english in a coherent fashion like a sober adult, instead the absurd, unintelligible gibberish we have been subject to for the last eight years. Yes, Bush has lowered our expectations to the point where we will accept a villian just as rotten as him, if only they can present themselves as if they are at a job interview instead of an audition as a babbling, snickering hillbilly lunatic in a Tarantino film. But I digress.

The subject at had is the slow painful death of American democracy. If I counted the times I have read and/or heard progressives state who they would like to elect for president, I would swear that 90% of them have said they liek Kucinich best. But the corporate media (bizarrely characterized by the "right" as the "liberal media") would have you think that Kucinch does not even exist.

We are truly fucked, truthseekers, when our so-called "democracy" is just another poorly produced "reality" show where the candidates we have to choose between for President of the United States are chosen for us by the corporate media, who not only choose who we should choose, but more importantly, decide who we are not allowed to choose.

Even progressives have been saying for months that the best candidates, their favorite candidates, who they believe would best lead the country, have no chance of winning. No chance of even being considered. Everyone resigns themselves to the lesser of evils.

And that's not even factoring in the electronic vote manipulation the right will employ to steal votes, or the dirty tricks they'll employ right before the election (like suddenly declaring victory and bringing the troops home or whatever).

Yes, we are screwed, and I feel like the election is already over and the same old power elite has won again as they always do and they always will. We are truly on our own, those of us who want anything more than plutocratic/theocratic/fascist corporatocracy.


Granny said...

I wrote to NBC. Of course it won't do any good.

They all must be terrified of him.

Mike of the North said...

Democracy died in the u.s. when the supreme court stopped the vote count in florida. They pulled the plug.

It was effectively flat line brain dead and on life support after Kennedy was assassinated... oh well.

Mike of the North said...

All right enough of your slackin'. Get another post up.

BTW typesetter boy, yu might want to spell check "So, insted of a democracy..."

You know I luv ya' baby!


SheaNC said...

You're absolutlely right... about the spelling, and the post! Stay tuned :)