Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm back!

Okay, so where have I been, anyway? Good question. I'm always somewhere, that I know.

Well, let's see. I can use work as an excuse. I was recently elevated to a slightly loftier perch, so that was a bit of mental transitioning. More responsibilities, yet luckily for all my ego humbly remains in check. Nonetheless, I took the time to enjoy some stress.

Then there was a family visit which included a 14-hour drive through the desert, followed a few days later by another one. Ah, the good times. Remind me to tell you my freaky tales from drives through the Mohave desert sometime. Psycho weirdness. Hard to believe a burning desert can give you chills, ay?.

And I’ve also been doing a lot of this lately, too. Twang-twang-thump-zwoom. Trying to get my digits back into fighting trim. Lovin’ being back in the company of a bass guitar after a long dry spell.

And then, of course, there's that old standby, politics. All I can say is:

Let the madness begin anew...


Watch 'n Wait said...

Hey Shea...Delighted to see that you've survived and returned. I'm with you on your politics "remark".

Lookin' forward to hearing how you were chilled in the desert. Strange place, that is.

SheaNC said...

Yeah, I'll do a follow-up post about that!

Granny said...

Hi. Nice to see you sitting there banging your head once again.