Saturday, February 18, 2006

Republican Party Purchases State of California

From the Sac Bee:
Diebold voting machines OK'd, Secretary of state certifies firm after delays and glitches.

Great. That means every vote in California will be counted as a repubican vote, regardless who the vote was actually for. All of us in California just had our votes stolen.


Mike V. said...

this saddens me greatly.

BTW, I love that photo so much, I had to take it and add it on my side content.
Hope you don't mind!

michael the tubthumper said...

i was going to use that one too. oh well, don't want to overdo it

Ken Grandlund said...

Maybe it is time to move towards absentee paper ballots- make a photocopy, and keep your proof. Then encourage everyone else to do the same.

windspike said...

Diebold - I love the name of the company. It says a lot: Die Bold. Indeed, they are.

Mike of the North said...
Try the link above for info on efforts to stop this.
sorry about no tmaking the link live but I'm at wok and it's not being very cooperative.

chickenhawk said...

Shea someone on your blog recently said its time for another tea party. I would love to have one. I can get angry. I can throw and break stuff. I want change.

SheaNC said...

Mike V: Me, too. By the way, I get the pictures here (scroll down a bit).

Michael the tubthumper: There's more pix where that came from!

Ken G: It would be great if the state, or at least a majority of votors, could be mobilized to do that.

Windspike: The name kind of implies, "die trying..."

Mike of the North: That scary phrase, "As California goes, so goes the nation."

Chickenhawk: Thanks, by the way, for being so forgiving/understanding of my rant over at Liberal Thought. It's subjects like this that inspire my angst.

Scottage said...

Great post, and I love the pic! I'll be back to read more.